Mac Apps Reviewed: ArchyGoogle has definitely become a leader in many areas of the technology sector. Now they are offering a full online office suite features coupled with cloud storage services. As the need for working online and storing your data in a more accessible space increase, users will surely start turning to the now essential Google Drive services on the tablets, notebooks, or desktop PCs. Because of this need, there are many apps that are coming out for Macs and other computers and devices that can accesses these services, and Archy is one of them.


Archy is a new app that makes it easy for any Mac user to access and enjoy the benefits of Google Drive and Docs. This is the official Google Drive app for Mac, and therefore a must-have for any persons working or storing their data online. Many claim that Archy works better with Google Drive on any Mac than Google's own tools. The developers' aim was to produce a product that offers great features and a world class interface that is both appealing and easy to work with. They managed to do exactly that by coming up with a design layout that is familiar to all users with Sparrow or Twitter for Mac.

Layout and Use

Archy has a dark grey sidebar on the left part, which contains a profile pictures and five major icons. These icons include the File, Favorites, Contacts, Collections, and Trash icons. To the right of the sidebar is the larger main bar which contains various items on display. Each of the displayed items has a star and a lock on it left side. The star icon can be clicked in order to favorite/unfavorite an items while the lock makes it possible to change item's visibility. To open an item, all you need is to double click or tap on it. You can also preview any document including those of Google Docs format without necessarily opening it, which saves time. Editing of all types of documents is made easy and fast. All you need to do is open the document, make the necessary changes and when you click save; it is automatically saved in Google Docs format. Archy has capability to handle Microsoft Office documents and Adobe image formats too. Details such as name of last editor, date it was last modified and the collection of origin are displayed right below the item name. To the right side of every item name is a share button, indicated by a cut-out person with a plus sign next to the head. When sharing an item, you can decide to let the others to only view or edit the document by simply entering their email addresses. This is arguably the simplest way to share items and documents on Google Drive. Additionally, Archy automatically synchronizes your offline files with Google Drive every time you go online.

Other features

One unique feature about Archy is its ability to fully function without a mouse. This is great news for those users who prefer keyboard shortcuts to clicking away the mouse button. The arrow keys are quite handy while navigating through the list of items and icons. By holding the Mac Command and pressing various keys, you can execute various shortcuts for actions such as sharing, deleting or even opening files. You can also the space bar to toggle OS X's Quick Look view. The drag and drop capability makes it fun to move files to and from your Mac. You also get real-time notifications when uploads are through, when updates are available for downloading and when someone shares files with you. Archy is a handy app that is easy to integrate with OS X 10.7 and other later versions. It has been released in Beta, and further updates are expected for this amazing app. All in all, Archy is a must have for business, productivity, and sharing for any Mac users.

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