Reasons Why One Should Buy MacBook Pro with Retina DisplayBeing an Apple fan, I have been waiting for release of the new series of MacBooks for a really long time. Today they are becoming even more popular than ever because of the new Ivy Bridge processors, somewhat newer design and (of course!) their new display, which has been talked about a lot. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of buying a MacBook Pro with such a display, its general necessity in a common laptop with a 15’4-inch display, and it is really as nice as it is described in the ad.

I’m speaking so about the necessity and similar things not in vain. I like Apple’s products very much, and I have a lot of their devices at home and in everyday use, like the IPhone 4S and the IPad 2. Lately they have a habit of changing the product line with new models so quickly that it irritates sometimes because you do not have enough time to take most out of your previous purchase. This results in the absence of the desire to buy something else, and if you do you don’t know what to do with the previous model. That’s why I was so skeptical at first when I saw the advertisement of the new MacBook with Retina display.

I was making up my mind for rather a long time, and at last I decided to buy the laptop. At first the decision was based upon a simple fact; my AirBook was pretty old, and I began to feel uncomfortable with 2 Gb of RAM. The poor laptop was starting to work pretty slow especially when the last version of Mac OS X was released, and I was foolish enough to upgrade my old one.  I must admit that the requirements of Mac OS Lion were really terrorist-like for my machine. The processor I had wasn’t really fast either, so I decided to make a present for me and buy a new laptop.

I was hesitating whether to take a MacBook with or without Retina display. The price difference was not really large, so I decided to take a Retina one. My first impressions when I launched the system were actually fantastic. Not even fantastic – marvelous. I was pretty shocked with the quality of the picture I saw on the screen, and I think I will never regret I made this purchase. The Retina display is much better in real life then it is shown in the commercial. I suppose there are a few really important facts that would make me buy it again, and here they are:

1)      The quality of the picture. As I have already mentioned, I was shocked with the quality of the picture. Macs always had an incomparable quality of the matrix, and still when I saw THIS, I understood why Retina display is advertise d so strongly. There is a whole picture on the screen, with no pixels, no dots, it is purely perfect. The eye is unable to see the gradients of the picture, and this leads to a fairly good impression. The films, especially in Blu-ray quality, are unbelievable.

2)      The amount of space on the desktop. I have a habit of opening a huge amount of windows during my work, and the amount of free desktop space that appeared with the arrival of Retina display is making me happy because I can work with a few documents at last cascaded all over the screen. Those who do work like me or just like having much space on the desktop – this is for you.

3)      The brightness. Or the display quality, I cannot make up what is this, but I know one thing for sure; when I was working with my old machine in the noon somewhere in the city, I had certain discomforts because of the dun and the shining surface of my Mac. Now I do work in the same places and cafes, but yet there are no difficulties in reading and watching from the screen because either the brightness or something else has been improved considerably.

Actually, these are the most prominent pros of the new Retina display, and I will never regret I made such a purchase. Hope this will help those who cannot make up their mind.

 Frederick is a blogger, tech geek and a member of mac-how community.