Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci is one of the most fascinating characters in history. As a leading member of the Renaissance, da Vinci employed dozens of skills to become the legend that he is today. Da Vinci was an expert painter, inventor, writer, engineer, mathematician, musician, sculptor, and had many other talents. He epitomized the Renaissance Man (one who excels in many fields), and he is considered to most talented person in history because of the sheer number of things that he was so prominent at.

da Vinci the Painter

Most people recognize da Vinci for his paintings. His most famous and widely recognized painting is the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa, or "la Gioconda," is considered by many to be the most famous painting in the world. The painting is rather small, and most of its mystique comes from the mysterious smile resting on her face. Nobody knows for sure the exact nature of the smile, and people argue of who exactly she is. Another one of da Vinci's famous paintings is The Last Supper. The painting depicts Jesus' last supper with his disciples before being betrayed by Judas.

da Vinci the Inventor

Throughout his life, da Vinci wrote thousands of pages of drawings, sketches, inventions, and ideas of the world around him that became legendary for their innovation. He had drawings of helicoptors, tanks, and other items that never were invented until several hundred years later when people had much more technology to work with. He also has sketches and observations of human bodies, human emotions, architecture, and hundreds of other topics that fascinated him. Many of these pages and books are in museums, but a large number of them have been lost forever.

da Vinci the Scientist

Da Vinci believed that science and art should mix and be used together. He came up with many genius ideas in regards to science. Da Vinci also had a strong background in the human body and its structure. He was a master of drawing studies of muscles and other body parts such as tendons and organs. He was given permission to dissect humans in the early 1500s. Da Vinci studied the human body, and he made hundreds of drawings of the human body. He studied how each part of the body functioned and was designed.

His Legacy

Today, da Vinci is considered the most diverse person in history. He made significnat advancements in painting, engineering, science, and other areas of study. PaintingFrom understands his importance and is a leader in appreciating his work and recognizing his greatness.

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