Fax Devices Vs The WorldDo you know that an antiquated fax device harms our planet, actually destroys our green cover, and also produces poisonous, toxic chemicals?

Every year, America businesses junk 4.5 million tons of office paper. Though estimates are not available, a good proportion of this wastage is fax paper.

It has to be. 65% of American businesses use fax to conduct their business.

The sad news is that though the world has moved on and switched to online fax services, developed nations like America and Japan still love to use the antiquated fax machine.

Which, in fact, is destroying the world.

Think about it: American workers feed in 210 billion sheets of paper into their dinosaur fax devices. One single productive American white-collared employee faxes 10,000 A-4 sized sheets every year. Fax roll paper is mostly thrown away, and most of this shiny paper cannot be recycled.

There’s more misery: 17 million green and alive trees are mercilessly chopped down to supply fax paper to American business owners. And, one average-sized American company is responsible for the loss of 4 trees every year, with the trees being chopped down to meet the company’s fax paper requirement.

All this is bad news. But it’s not all the bad news. There’s more.

Fax machines are always on standby mode. When in standby mode, a fax machine emits many kilograms of carbon dioxide every day. This helps pollute our atmosphere and cause us exotic and deadly diseases.

So, a fax machine works like a scissor – one blade produces carbon dioxide, the other blade hacks away trees that can absorb carbon dioxide.

Fax machines use toners and toner ink is made using toxic chemicals. The result is more hazardous material floating around physically and in the air.

And, did you know that our landfills are littered with fax machines and old toners, which are still leaking dangerous stuff like carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our already-polluted air?

Fax machines also destroy energy, money and productivity. They have to be on standby or active all the time – and that destroys energy. They need a phone line and every fax you send costs money – and that destroys money. Workers have to make an effort when it comes to sending and receiving/retrieving faxes – and this destroys productivity.

So far, it’s been Fax machines v/s the World, and the fax machines are winning.

Until we do something about it.

We need to switch to online faxing services. Online faxing works just like email and fights against all the evil deeds of a regular fax device. The time has come to switch to the modern way of faxing and junking that old and evil fax machine.

Source: http://www.techsoup.org/greentech/paper/page10834.cfm

Becka Kimble is an activist and blogger working to improve the world, one post at a time. Today she recommends replacing your old, outdated fax machine with modern Fax to Email software like MaxEmail.com