Create Extra Space With Shipping ContainersShipping containers have become popular items for a variety of different reasons, as consumers are starting to realize they’re more than just a big box to hold your stuff.  Yes, they work wonderfully for short or long-distance moves.  And they also work great as temporary storage units right on your own property if you’re doing renovations or major cleaning. 

However, some companies are now modifying their standard storage containers for some exciting new uses to create spaces most people never would have considered. 

The Temporary Office

Seeing a trailer sitting on a construction site or industrial site, in use as a temporary office isn’t so unusual.  Now, those trailers are often being replaced by shipping containers to perform the same function.  It’s easy to get a little (or a lot) claustrophobic at the thought, but remember that these containers are being modified to fit the task. 

The shipping container company can add windows, doors, lighting and a proper floor to create an ideal temporary office space.  In some instances, the company in need of the office will use half the container as an office and the other half for storage during the job. 

When used as a temporary office, all the same rules of the shipping container process apply.  You will order it, they will deliver it where you want, and then they will pick it up and remove it once you’re done.  It’s all the same convenience with a different function. 

Living Quarters

Temporary housing is another thing that shipping containers can be modified for, in several applications.  Basically anywhere a business or organization may require temporary living quarters, shipping containers can fit the bill.  Instead of tents, permanent buildings or trailers, it’s the container providing all the shelter. 

Like with the offices, walls, floors, windows and doors are easily added.  For living, bathrooms, wardrobes and other amenities must become part of the box, but they can all be added as needed.  These kinds of arrangements work well for work camps and similar situations where groups of people have to live on site for an extended period of time. 

The results are strong, comfortable and very safe from the elements or any other potential hazards.  Virtually any temporary quarters can be created with a shipping container if the right company is used.  If you have a need, check into this option before you consider the usual methods.  You might just save yourself some money and find a superior product at the same time.

This post is brought to you by Josh Henderson, a passionate furniture builder. Creating and customizing furniture is hobby that Josh has been doing for almost 10 years. For ample work space to what he loves, he relies on BigSteelBox 3903 84 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB T6B 2Z3 (780) 910-5251 - for storage containers.