Saving Money On EnergyWith energy prices continually soaring through the roof, opening your bills could well be an eye-watering experience.  Cutting back on your energy usage can make a massive difference to how much you have to pay, but it needn't be a painful experience.  Here are some tips on ways to save.

Look at your lights

Energy saving bulbs can save you money by using less energy, so if you haven't done already, switch your bulbs over.  Don't leave lights on unnecessarily around the house, in rooms that you aren't using.  Get into the habit of switching lights off, and spread the message to other family members.

Unplug appliances

If you're not using electrical appliances, then don't leave them switched on or on standby. You're wasting energy (and money) for no good reason.  If you buy any new electrical appliances then check their energy efficiency rating.  Opt for one which scores highly on least energy consumption.  Many appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines have 'economy' modes, so get into the habit of using this option.

Turn your attention to your fridge/freezer. If it's old and cranky then chances are, it's probably gobbling up energy, hiking up your bills, in the process.  More modern appliances are more energy efficient, so if your budget allows, don't let dated white goods let you down.

The heat is on

Nobody likes to feel the cold, especially in cooler weather, but heating your home is probably one of the biggest offenders for pushing up those bills.  Ask yourself if you could bear turning the thermostat down by one degree?  You probably won't even notice the difference.  Don't leave radiators on full blast in rooms you don't use.  Having an old, sluggish heating system is bad news, and whilst an upgrade is costly, it'll make a huge difference to your bills in the long run.

If you've been busy cooking in the kitchen, then make use of the cosy warmth that will radiate from the oven.  When the sun shines outside, sit in rooms that soak up the sun's natural warmth, rather than turning the heating on.  Conservatories are real suntraps, and on a sunny day, you'll soon start to notice the heat rising.

Get insulated

Nearly half of your home's heating can be lost through walls, windows, the floor and roof, so make sure all areas of your home are adequately insulated.  Cracked and dated windows are real culprits for leaching out heat, so consider upgrading to UPVC windows, if you can.  Seal up any leaks and make sure the trim around the glass of your UPVC windows is sturdy and well insulated.

Dry au natural

Washing dryers might seem like the answer to all your prayers when it comes to drying your laundry, but when it comes to bill time, you might think differently.  Make use of sunny days outside to dry your clothes, hang them off airers attached to radiators or in warm airing cupboards, before considering switching the dryer on.

So whether you install UPVC windows, switch off unused appliances, or make use of sunny days in conservatories, there are loads of energy saving options you could choose from, which can make a difference to how much you end up paying.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Stormclad who can install the latest energy conserving UPVC windows to your home. Visit their site to find out more about windows and conservatories.