Electronic Gadgets for Pest ControlAre there mosquitoes bugging you when you're relaxing at home? Are you tired of looking for the carcasses of rodents after you've used a commercial pest control product such as poisons? Do you want a safe and effective way of getting rid of pests? If you do, then why not try gadgets or devices that can repel pests?

Electronic Pest Control

Electronic pest control is the term used to describe any gadget or device that uses electricity in repelling or getting rid of pests. The pests that it can eliminate include rodents as well as insects. These gadgets can be purchased from your local hardware stores, and you can also purchase them from your local garden store. If you can't find the right type of gadget from these stores, then you can always try online. Not only will you see different varieties of electronic devices and gadgets that can repel pests, but there are also weird ones that actually do work.

The best thing about these gadgets is that they are very safe and very environmentally friendly. There are no poisons, and there are no side effects that can affect humans, animals, and even plants.

Three Types of Electronic Gadgets for Pest Control

There are three types of electronic gadgets that are commonly used to control pests. These are ultrasonic as well as electromagnetic gadgets, and there are also the radio wave pest control gadgets.

Ultrasonic gadgets make use of sound waves. They emit a high frequency sound with a short wavelength. The pitch is too high for the human ears to hear, but animals can detect it easily. The sound wave may also be picked up by some insects. When they "hear" the sound waves emitted by the gadget, it will serve as a warning for them to keep off the area.

As for the electromagnetic devices, they alter or change the electromagnetic field of a property through its household wirings. When the EM field vibrates, it also keeps pests away. The gadgets won't affect humans though.

As for the radio wave gadgets, what they basically do is to "heat up" the water molecules inside the body of the pests, effectively damaging or killing them. Pest control gadgets though that make use of radio waves or frequency are commonly used in commercial uses.

Examples of Electronic Pest Control Gadgets

One good example of an electronic pest control gadget is the bug zapper. These gadgets kill pests such as mosquitoes and other small insects when they come in contact with the light. The light is enclosed by a wire mesh to prevent people from touching the light and giving them an electric shock. Another example is a gadget that you plug into your wall socket. When plugged in, it will emit sound waves that only rats and other rodents can hear.

While these gadgets may work to control pests and get rid of them, you should know that the best way to totally get rid of these pests is to eliminate their food source. Once you've gotten rid of their food source, they will soon follow. For pests that can no longer be controlled, you always have the option to hire a professional pest control company.


Jennifer Daleo writes for Rove Pest Control. She regularly writes about natural, organic, and safe pest control methods to get rid of pests, one of which is the electronic gadgets.