Tips for Using Facebook for B2BMany people say Facebook won't work for B2B.  They say that Facebook is only for targeting consumers. How wrong they are!

I'm proud to say that this is wrong, and Facebook can indeed be your biggest source of leads, as it is for us.

Here's my top tips for getting Facebook working in the B2B market:

- Use your normal profile and make sure you update your profile thoroughly.  Add your colleagues by adding them as working with you on a project.  Make sure you include the name of your company, and this means you'll be shown on your homepage in Facebook with the company name at the top.  This will get you plenty of new fans.

- Use a header image on your profile, including your company logo.  You aren't allowed to include company contact details but you can use Calls To Action such as "Ask Me Now How..." etc

- Post regular updates onto your Facebook profile that show your expertise.  Be seen to read the latest blogs, and share up to date useful information.

- Keep your updates positive as much as possible - don't be seen to moan or complain.

- Post updates that show your company is doing well, and talk about new clients you've taken on.  Some people tell me they are worried competitors might see, and steal them - in which case you need to do a better job!

- Consider posting updates asking for help and advice, as people love to assist.  This will start to get your posts seen more often, and will increase your "Edge Rank"

- Make sure you have a company Fanpage and update this regularly too with industry specific news. Have links to the fanpage on your blog, your website, your email signature etc.

- The main way to bring in lots of new fans fast is via a Facebook Advertising campaign.  Easier than most people imagine - just target a group of people who might be interested in your product, and set the ads running.  Bringing Facebook users to a Facebook page is cheaper than sending them offsite - as it's what Facebook wants you to do, keeping them on their site!

- Use Facebook offers once you've reached 400 fans. Set a decent budget in Facebook Ads and your ad will bring in hundreds of new fans and people who want to claim the offer.  The best offers give away things for free.

- Post on your profile and page regularly, and ideally don't post the same items at the same time.  I update mine normally twice per day.

Good luck! Don't forget to let us know how you get on.

Claire Jarrett is the CEO of Marketing By Web who offer Social Media Management, AdWords and SEO Services. Connect with her on Facebook here!