How to Increase Your Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers for Better CRMDevelop your CRM system with social networking

The most recent research suggests businesses develop many times quicker with use of social networking as a customer relationship management tool. Getting involved with Facebook and Twitter to build better customer relationships is a positive move, and plenty of both big and small fish have gone before you. There is a lot happening in the world of online CRM, including using Facebook and Twitter to revolutionize your business, no matter what your sector.

Using outside agencies

There is a multitude of companies out there offering to recruit Facebook fans and Twitter followers, building a network of thousands if you have the budget for it.  These agencies offer to scrutinize your online CRM needs pretty carefully and then on your behalf buy Facebook fans and Twitter followers who will create their own set of new leads for your company.

Some might question whether it is possible or advisable to get massive numbers of fans and followers for your products or services, often in a matter of hours.  How many of these are going to be quality leads, for instance? Some companies can do this because they simply collect low quality leads which aren’t going to help their online CRM, consisting of people who are much more unlikely to convert into sales and profits for them.  The old saying ‘there’s no such thing as a bargain’ does apply in this sector, so the advice is to tread carefully.

No one size fits all

Social networking can be accommodated within your budgetary needs, whether you are running a global company or a neighborhood grocery store. Online CRM activities should be aimed at customers who are most likely to buy your products or services, and have the demographic profiles of those who have already proved to be loyal customers.

For example if your business niche is for a young customer profile, it’s likely that trend conscious Facebook and Twitter users are going to be your preferred contacts, rather than the kind of gentle old dear who is in truth looking for medical aids or anti slip mats. Experts in the field can create a bespoke CRM system to do the customer profiling for you and save you both time and money so your online CRM isn’t a waste of time and money.

A managing provider offering to co-ordinate online CRM using social networking on your behalf would be happy to give honest advice about the numbers of new leads you can forecast, and advise what research they will need to undertake so that you benefit from quality contacts.  They will have a thorough understanding of the world of CRM and the fact that there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

Every customer is different

You will never get an identikit set of customer profiles; the most effective CRM system appreciates the fact that all customers are individuals. 

After all, once you have decided to develop your online CRM with social networking as a central element, the last thing you want is your new contacts to dismiss your approach as spam, which is eventually going to be a setback for your business, especially if they decide to report your unwanted advances.  Targeted approaches rather than a scattergun policy are definitely the best technique you can use when building online CRM.

Jayce Kingston is currently working for one of the biggest companies in the area of CRM and CRM technologies - WebCRM