Google-Cast-EducatioRecently, Google launched an array of VR enabled applications and other different products aimed at enhancing the instructional experience in classrooms. Currently, Google Classroom has over 10 million users who are using it actively. The whole technology is deployed extensively in the United States and is getting popular as well.

However, Google did not stop here as it went on to extend its range of products to multiply the effect to make education a fun learning experience. Google came up with ‘Expedition Applications’ that utilize the concept of virtual reality to help students in having an outstanding experience while learning. It has been estimated that they are going to improve the way students learn.

 Recently, it unveiled various tools for teachers such as expedition applications and Google cast at the ISTE conference. In September 2015, Google released the beta version of Expeditions program to check whether the implementation of the Virtual Reality technology will turn out to be a strong output. Till now, only a few schools and institutions have managed to use this VR-enabled technology, but soon it is expected to proliferate.


Needless to say, things have taken a turn for the betterment of children’s way of learning as Google has released the Expedition Applications on the Google play store for free. Moreover, it has also provided end-users with over two hundred Expeditions Applications. According to Ben Schrom, Google thought of creating these applications that imbibe VR technologies. It is observed that field trips and chemistry laboratories could not scale the knowledge-base as much as expected.

However, VR-enabled Expeditions Applications lets students feel the external environment through the usage of these products. Each and every Expedition is a bunch of virtual reality scenes that are associated with sites and facts for the teachers.

At the same time, students get an opportunity to have a highly engaging learning. Google also revealed their plan to continue the process of developing more expeditions by partnering with others like Getty Images, Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Associated Press.

There is an important piece of information revealed by Google that these expeditions are not available on Apple play store. Meaning, the Expedition Application will remain exclusive for the schools.

Best Buy Education has also thought of implementing the same idea of developing Expeditions Kits and plans to sell them to the institutions and schools, including a router, a tablet, and the VR headsets.

Google Cast for Education

Interestingly, Google launched this new application called Google Cast for Education, and it works with the Google Classroom service to manage video and audio across different schools. It operates on the teacher’s device which means there is no need of having additional hardware devices.

Both educators and students are allowed to share their screens by using the feature called Cast in the Google Chrome browser. In schools, three applications have attracted students and teachers to a considerable degree, and they are offered at discounted rates to schools and institutions in a combined package. The entire package consists of a highly interactive whiteboard called Explain Everything, video project tool called WeVideo, and music podcast creator called Soundtrap.

Google Forms’ new feature called quizzes

Google Education has recently unveiled its new feature called quizzes in Google Forms, and it allows end users or teachers to create quizzes that are graded automatically by Google Forms. It comes with a distinctive responsive quality to render immediate feedback to students, allowing teachers to add videos and feedback samples.

These features are there to help students in revising fundamental concepts on a time to time basis. Also, it enables educators to perceive the overall performance of a class, and they can follow some crucial insights along with the frequently asked questions from chapters that students need to review.

Google is certainly playing a huge role in transforming the classroom learning experience by implementing VR enabled technologies. Certainly, Expeditions, Google Cast for education, and the New Quiz feature in Google Forms help teachers in imparting a distinctive learning experience to the students.

In fact, these VR enabled applications have taken learning activities to a whole new different by allowing students to visualize things in a concrete manner.

Here is the video that explains how Google Cast enhances the learning experience of students.

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