Most of the clients would want you to make their software product demo as much interesting as possible. Irrespective of whether the product demo is delivered online or in-person, it is considered to be a very powerful tool by the sales people as it helps them to showcase what the brand is trying to sell and how they can bring significance to such products among the prospects. However at times a product demo might leave a bad impression among the clients if it is not presented in the right manner since prospects never expect you to make them confused and instead would wish you to give them a clear picture about what they could expect from your product.     

Bother about your audience, not yourself

It is a necessity that you should focus more on your audience since you would not be able to satisfy the audience requirements and thus may end up losing a deal if you forget the key points because of being nervous while you come across your audience. You would not be even able to maintain a productive conversation since the audience would be able to identify the lack of confidence in you while you are trying to convince your prospects.    

Ensure the opening is perfect

If you are looking forward to make a product demo interesting, then it is inevitable for you to draw the attention of audience by opening up the demo with a question or by explaining a success story that has much in common with what your prospects might be in need for. However you should ensure that the opening you give for your product demo should be relevant to the unique needs and requirements of the audience.  

Listen more than talk

It is always desirable to listen and then explain. Product demo offers an opportunity for you to learn also in addition to giving you an opportunity to simply lead the demo. You should pause often so as to give your prospects a chance to speak. This is the only way you can ensure your prospects that you are listening to their opinions similar to talking while explaining the product demo. Thus sufficient pause while explaining the product demo makes the demo more conversational with prospects having the ability to ask questions as well as give feedbacks if any.  

Ask Questions to the Prospects

Similar to giving a pause while explaining during the product demo presentation for the prospects so that they could ask questions to you, you could ask questions in return to your prospects so as to keep them engaged during the entire period of product demo presentation.   

Understand your Product clearly

Whenever the prospects agree for a product demo presentation from you, you should clearly understand that they would research about your product for sure including your competitors on the web and thereby having a very good idea of what they require. Therefore they would be asking you specific questions and also detailed questions as well as technical questions and would look for answers that they were not able to research through the web. The answers would be very much expected by you and if you fail to answer those questions, then they might look for other competitors who can present a better product demo presentation than you. This is because as a product expert, they would expect you to know your product clearly and how your product would solve their problems. They would assume that you yourself does not know your product if you fail to answer the questions asked by them.  

Don’t keep hands on the keyboard while answering questions from Prospects

If you are making use of a computer or a laptop during the product demo presentation, ensure that you avoid keeping hands in the keyboard and then speak as it might distract the prospects while they are asking questions to you expecting your answers. Your gestures could matter a lot in impressing your prospects.

Avoid any criticisms of the product while showing the product demo

There are often instances during which you might face any lag time while explaining the product demo. Criticising the product should be avoided as it might leave a bad impression among the prospects. Instead you should be able to keep some screenshots during such worst-case scenario and thus the prospects would be able to understand what you wish to show them.

Show how the products solve their unique problems

The prospects cannot be kept engaged unless and until you show them how your product is going to benefit them in their day today lives. You should focus on the key decision makers on the room who are listening to your product demo and you should ensure that their needs are met efficiently.    

Make use of customer testimonials and references

Customer testimonials and references will give more credibility for your product especially among the prospects as they would be able to view or hear about how your product solved the problems that the previous customers faced earlier. It is better to ask team members to build a collection of such testimonials or reviews that are worth sharing through the product demo.  

Relaxation prior to product demo

It is desirable that you relax for atleast for some days prior to giving the speech on the product demo and you should avoid any sort of writing or restructuring mode right up to the presentation of product demo. It is essential in making you more relaxed with improved confidence while taking the presentation about the product demo in front of your prospects.

Closing the product demo

Closing is an important aspect when it comes to the end of product demo presentation. It is the last opportunity in a product demo to convince the prospects that your product is worth for them to consider. You can end it by including a call-to-action. It is always desirable to end your product demo presentation on a positive forecast as it could make the prospects optimistic about your product demo and could also enhance the trust they will have about the product from your brand.

Author Bio: - This article is written by William Hills. He is a professional technical writer with an experience of more than 5 years. His has written a variety of contents in past and now writing on social media, search engine marketing, salesforce implementation partners and many more topics.