Convert-Exchange-EDB-file-PST-formatConsider the following scenario:

I am having a bulk data in my Exchange EDB File but due to some issue it got corrupted and now when I try to access my file it shows an error message. Therefore, now I want to extract data from corrupted EDB file in such a way that I would be able to access data in Outlook. Can anyone suggest me any suggestion to Convert Exchange EDB file to PST Format and recover data from it?

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to convert EDB file to PST file format, which will recover entire data of corrupted EDB file and save into PST file format. After recovering data into PST, you will easily be able to access your data in Microsoft Outlook. In this article, you will find all the possible measures to perform such conversion.

Ways To Perform Exchange EDB file to PST Conversion

There exist following three ways by which one can convert files of Exchange into PST files:

1.    Using ExMerge utility

2.    Using Exchange PowerShell commands

3.    Using Different Converter Applications

Solution 1: Conversion using ExMerge Utility

Microsoft Exchange comprised of an inbuilt tool name as ExMerge, which was designed to convert a mailbox from Exchange to PST file.

(a)  Download, install, and configure you machine with ExMerge utility.

(b)  Launch this utility on machine and then log-in into your Exchange Server.

(c)  A Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge window will appear. On this window, Click on Next to continue

(d)  Out of two options appearing on Procedure Selection screen, select Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure) option, and click on Next

(e)  Since we have to convert Exchange EDB file to PST, therefore, select Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox option & click Next to continue

(f)  Now Data Selection Criteria window will appear in front of you. From the topmost tabs of this windows, click on Import Procedure tab and then select Archive data to target store option

(g)  Click on OK button to continue

(h)  From the same window, select Message Details tab and fill all the information that are mandatory for conversion. After entering all the fields of this tab, click on OK button to continue

(i)   A wizard will be displayed in front of you in which you will find a list of mailboxes available on the particular server. Now, highlight the mailbox on which you want to perform conversion and then click on Next

(j)   Click on Change Folder button for defining the location where you want to archive the PST file. After defining the path, click on Next to start the process

(k)  Now a Process Status screen will appear, which will illustrate you with live report of the conversion. When Operation completed successfully message appears in front of you, click on Finish button

Limitations of ExMerge Utility

· One of the major limitation of this utility is that it is only supported by few versions of Exchange i.e. 5.5, 2000, and 2003

· This type of conversion convert whole mailbox instead of converting a particular data file from mailbox. The conversion using this inbuilt tool is lengthy, tedious, and time consuming procedure.

Solution 2: Conversion using Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Microsoft developers have replaced ExMerge utility tool with EMS cmdlets i.e.

Ø  Export-Mailbox

Ø  Import-Mailbox

Here, we will learn about Export-Mailbox cmdlet that is designed for extracting selected data files from mailbox into PST. The structure of this cmdlet is given below:

Moreover, if the EDB files are corrupted, then users either can search and remove those corrupted files or can use Export-Mailbox command for removing that file.

Limitations of Using EMS Cmdlets

Ø  While functioning with Exchange Management Shell, if all the conversion permissions are not enabled or are improperly configured, then users will come across many error messages while performing conversion.

Ø  Instead of repairing or recovering data from corrupted EDB files, the procedure will delete the damaged file that result in data loss while conversion.

Ø  The procedure is useful only for the users who are having brief knowledge about Exchange. When talking about normal user (having no knowledge about Exchange), the same procedure becomes complex for such users.

Solution 3: Conversion Using Converter to convert Exchange EDB file to PST

To overcome the limitations of above-mentioned conversion procedures, the best way is to perform a safeguard conversion using different converter applications that are available in web market. One such converter is EDB to Outlook Converter, which convert complete data of EDB files to PST file without any trouble. The exciting characteristic of this product is that it supports and extract, converts the corrupted, password protected, and encrypted EDB files to PST. Moreover, it has many useful features embedded with it, which can be easily accessible by universal computer users and does not require any knowledge of Exchange for conversion.


The One stop solution to convert Exchange EDB file to PST is to go for a converter i.e. EDB to PST Converter software. Well talking about using ExMerge utility tool, the major issue with this solution is that it is only applicable for limited Exchange versions. If we discuss about EMS cmdlets, then the problem is that it deletes the corrupted EDB file instead of repairing it. Therefore, one can wind up with the fact that the best approach is to use EDB to PST Converter for experiencing a flawless conversion without any data loss.