Key-Ingredients-Efficiently-Run-BusinessRunning your own company is very much like managing a community of people. Everyone must work together and be on the same ground to achieve progress and success. The company is built upon its employees and they are the foundation that holds it together. If even a single cog in this machine fails, then everything can potentially fall apart.

Running a great business is in a lot of ways an art. When everyone harmoniously works together and everything meshes properly, then the result is a company that is able to function almost effortlessly without much need for improvement. However, you can learn about what are the most crucial things that make up a smoothly running corporation. But it is up to you in the end to be able to execute them properly. Here are our picks for the four ingredients of making a business flourish.

Company Motto

Also known as the company’s mission statement, a motto is what defines a company and what it aims to accomplish. Having a simple but clear company motto is what snaps all its employees back into reality and keeps them mindful about what it is that they are here to do. It’s a reminder that informs everyone in the company about why and what they set out to do. Everyone company should start by making their motto in order to run smoothly.

Remember that your company’s mission statement should be simple and clear. As a rule of thumb, it should just be one sentence and even a child should be able to understand. For example, Google’s mission statement is to “Archive the internet”. This simple phrase is what has kept Google consistently committed to innovating in a specific way, even when they expand their company function to other areas. They have managed to grow and by using this motto, they have kept faithful to their ways for years and have never been whelmed by their own progress.

Internal Communication

A company whose employees aren’t constantly talking to each other is a company that simply doesn’t meld together. Some companies form a bad habit of growing a distance between people of different backgrounds, so employees in the IT department may never speak to the business managers, even if they work for the same company.

A very successful company in the recent years is Virgin Airlines, and the reason for their success is that they have a clear relationship with one another. Whenever there is a company meeting, everyone shows up, including the engineers, businessmen, managers, even the artists who draw the Virgin Airline logo. Their belief is that everyone must be heard and there is no opinion that is irrelevant.


A company should always be constantly gauging itself at the end of every month, even quarter year and every year etc. Monitoring your own performance is extremely vital for running a smooth business. If you don’t have any idea how your revenue were, or how your throughput was, then there is no way to pinpoint any underlying problems within the company.

Nearly every company that has ever been able to grow large is thankful to self-assessment. It has allowed them to recognize the potential problems as well as see which areas can be improved upon. For example, a smartphone company may be able to research and manufacture amazing technology, but their shipping services may be poor. They may continue their work, thinking that their own technology is flawless, and ignore the issues in the broader picture. Unless such a company drafts their results and compares them to other performances in their past, they may never know such problems.


At the end of the day, a company is serving customers. They may be other companies, but still, there is always someone at the receiving end of your enterprise. And in order to run efficiently, it is imperative that you get their feedback. You need to communicate with them and get their impressions about how your services were and what could be improved upon.

Author Bio: This article is written by Anthony Bradshaw, who has a Master’s Degree in Management. He has written for write my essay cheap, mainly covering topics on business development as well as giving advice on entrepreneurship.