What-IP-address-NETGEAR-routerIn order to have the regular internet connection, today most of the individuals and business people are installing different wireless routers at their home or office. From among the various wireless router brands, Netgear is the most famous and preferable choice of many users. Every router for getting the wireless internet connection has the default IP (Internet Protocol) address at all. If you are using the Netgear wireless router at your home/office, it is essential to know the IP address of your Netgear router device.

Finding the Netgear router IP address:

Netgear router models for your home network generally have or as the default ip addresses. The default ip address values of the Netgear routers are known for everyone. Sometimes, the users are personalizing their router settings and change the default values. In such situations, they may not know the current ip address of their router. The following steps and instructions are very helpful to locate the current IP address of your Netgear home router.

·  The Netgear router users can able to access your device by just typing http://192.168.01 or on your web browser.

·  During the access of these default ip address, you have to make sure that 192.168.o.1.1 is wrong address and the actual ip address of the Netgear router is 192.168.01 or are the correct and good ip addresses to access your device. 

·  If your browser shows the page not found error, then your router ip address may have been changed prior.

While finding the ip address on the browser, everyone has to make sure that your computer is connected wirelessly or wired to the router device. The system which you are using should have to get the router’s ip address automatically. If the computer is using the static internet protocol address, then you will also need to configure it for obtaining its ip address automatically.

Steps to get the Netgear ip address for Windows computers:

In order to locate the current internet protocol (IP) address of your Netgear router, you have to follow anyone these sequences of steps based on your computer operating system (OS).

Windows XP:

1. On the Start menu, you need to right click on the My Network Places option, and click on the properties.

2. If your computer is connected to the router through wire, it is essential to double click the Local Area Connection. If there is a wireless connection between the computer and a router device, you need to double click the Wireless Network Connection option.

3. After that, you need to click on the support tab and click on details. There will be a pop-up window which displays your router’s current IP address.

Windows Vista:

1. On the Start menu, you have to right click on the Network option and choose the properties. It will open the Network and Sharing center.

2. If your computer is connected to the router wirelessly, you can click view status option available to the right side of the wireless network connection. When there is a wired connected between the computer and Netgear router, you need to click on the view status option to the right side of the local area connection.

3. Then, click on the details option. Your Netgear router IP address will be displayed next to the Ipv4 default gateway.

Windows 7:

1. In the start menu bar, you can right click on the network connection icon and choose the Open network and sharing center.

2. For the wireless connection, click on the wireless network connection option and for the wired connection to the router, you need to click on the Local Area Connection.

3. In this step, you can click on the details. Next to the Ip version 4 default gateway, the IP address of your Netgear router will be displayed.

Finding IP address on Mac operating systems:

If you are using the Mac computers, the following steps are useful to find the Netgear IP address.

Mac OS X terminal method:

1. You need to launch the terminal which is located in the path / applications/ utilities.

2. Then, you have to type ifconfig |grep inet command

3. The requested details will be shown on the screen.

4. The internet protocol address of your Netgear router is actually shown next to the last broadcast entry.

5. You can also use another command line option like ifconfig getifaddr en1 or en0 to show your device IP address.

OS X 10.5 and later versions:

1. From the Apple menu, you have to select the System preferences option and then choose the Network.

2. In this window, the users can click the network port based on the type or wired/wireless connection between your router and computer such as Airport/Ethernet/Wifi.

If there is a connection made, then you will see the IP address of the Netgear router under the status.

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