Link-Building-Small-Business-OwnerEvery small business passes through that stage where they struggle to gain on the big players in the industry. When it comes to local link building and SEO, small businesses struggle, with many at a loss on how to build local links. Links are important to any SEO strategy. Research shows that links are the SEO tactic with the highest search engine results association than all known strategies. Here are some important link building strategies any company, or small businessoffering or in need of Utah SEO services might want to take advantage of.


When it comes to links, Google does not just respect quantity but quality. Links to a respected industry influencer with a high search engine results page ranking and reputation will go a long way in improving one’s visibility. But how does a small business owner or web master create relationships with the biggest industry players, even locally? One useful way is to become a regular contributor to their websites of blogs. Users trust that the big influencers will only allow contributors who bring something valuable. Furthermore, regular contributions by a small player are often seen bymany as an honest contribution.

Local partnerships

Every local online marketing company knows that there is a huge potential in local partnerships just waiting to be leveraged for prosperity. It is relatively easy to reach the biggest players locally, or to take advantage of relationships formed in the past. Most of the time, small business owners have one or two contacts among the biggest local industry circle that they can get in touch with for local link placement. Aim for the franchises that are owned locally instead of going for the big businesses. Other possible avenues are local official community blogs or tourist websites that might need contributions. Sponsoring local events that work with small businesses can bring links from the sponsored event’s page.

Business mentions

Many times, blogs or articles mention one’s business without linking to it. These are opportunities that can be leveraged for link building. Look for websites or blogs that mention the business locally, and reach out to them asking whether one can link to the business. There are tools online that can help businesses look for such mentions.

Resource page

Creating a resource page will have other businesses linking to this page easily. For instance, a small restaurant can create a resource page detailing a list of the best places to have Sunday brunch in the city. This will have the other restaurants linking to this page, and improve one’s standing. Create a resource page rich in information, and once the attention of the businesses mentioned is captured, this effort will pay off. It might even land interviews and guest appearances on podcasts, webinars and blog posts.


Every business must work hard to provide quality content on their website. The standards are higher for small businesses, though. Do not just produce tips and lists borrowed from other blogs. Go for such premium content as

· Podcasts

·  Case studies

·  White papers

·  Blogs that provide in-depth analysis

·  Co-created blog posts

Stephanie Clarke is a top SEO expert and blogger. She has been in the industry several years and runs a company that offers Utah SEO services. She also mentors and advices small businesses and beginner SEO specialists.