Cell-Phone-Signal-Booster-hoDo you need to run outside with your cell phone every time you receive a call? Do you go through constantly breaking up of voice while speaking on phone? Well, bad cell phone reception is just terrible. But cell phone booster is an easy solution to this daunting problem. Cell phone signal boosters or cell phone receptors are designed to address poor cell phone reception. They diagnose a weak signal and amplify it to provide you a strong signal. They even bypass all obstructions to provide a clearer reception. If you are planning to get a cell phone signal booster for your home, you must read the following guidelines on how to choose the best signal booster.

Consider the carriers and networks you need to support

Cell phone signal boosters are designed to amplify only specific frequencies of radio waves. These frequencies address specific carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc. and even the networks supported on those carriers are specific like 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE. Therefore, consider the carriers and networks you need to support. Most of the carriers use the same frequency for 2G and 3G networks that are supposed to handle voice calls and data; therefore you can use the same amplifier for them. But 4G LTE networks use different frequencies, so you’ll need a signal booster specially designed to support the same.

Signal strength outside

In order to determine how strong an amplifier is required to provide adequate coverage, you will need to consider the outside signal strength. If the signal strength outside is weak. You will require a strong cell phone signal booster to amplify the signal and get proper coverage for the areas with weak reception. The choice of your signal booster will directly depend on the signal strength outside.

Coverage area

Another important factor that will help you decide which type of signal booster will meet your needs is the area that needs to be covered. In order to determine how strong an amplifier you’ll need, both the outside signal strength and area to be covered plays a key role. Also, the layout of the area to be covered in boosted signal helps determine what type of inside antenna you will need. Dome antenna is a good choice if the coverage area is on one floor only. But if you are looking to boost the reception on multiple floors, you will need a panel antenna since it is more directional and ensures proper distribution of signal.

These three parameters will easily help you decide which signal booster is best suited to provide you a good cell phone reception inside your home. But this is not the only piece of information you need to pick the right system for you. Since factors like local geography, construction of the house etc also play a key role in causing signal issues. You must consider everything before getting a signal booster for your home.