Is-your-partner-swiping-behind-backOne of the most enigmatic dilemmas of the present time is whether you should monitor your partner’s cell phone activity or not. Spouse monitoring isn’t a novelty anymore, because people are already resorting to unthinkable ways of catching their cheating partner.

Is your spouse swiping behind your back, or kissing someone under the mistletoe? You can find it with our special guide on spouse monitoring apps. Also, don’t forget to check out the dos and Don’ts of spying, unless you want to get yourself in some serious trouble. You will also get to read what sex therapist Jennine Estes has to say on this topic.

But first, check out these intriguing facts about spouse spying.

· 6 out of 10 women believe that they won’t end their marriage if find out about their husband’s infidelity.

· 24 percent of the men and 36 percent of the women believe that their partners have been unfaithful.

· One out of six women regularly check their partner’s cell phone history.

· 7 out 10 women have found the evidence of their SO cheating on them.

· 50 percent of the men who spied on their partner found out evidence of deception on the partner’s phone.

If you have ever used Tinder, you would know what “swipe” really means, and considering this is the single most famous dating app, it comes under experts’ scrutiny, time and again.

Technology — a doorway to unfaithfulness

With more ways to chat, talk and date, technology has made it easier for people to cheat. Apps like Tinder, Grindr, Down, and Bumble, are the epicentre of hookups. And then, the encrypted messaging apps make it all more convenient for people to keep their illicit dinner plans discrete.

But it hasn’t just got easier to cheat, but also to catch a cheating partner. From online websites that scrape public data to spyware like, there are endless options.

UsIng a spouse monitoring app to catch a cheating partner

Spouse monitoring spyware can be installed onto a smartphone (covertly or overtly) to enable remote surveillance of the target person. These apps can tell you more than just about your partners’ whereabouts, but also, if they had been using dating apps in your absence.

To use this spouse monitoring app, you may be required a one-time-access to your partner’s cell phone. After that, everything works remotely. This is the convenience of spyware. XNSPY give people more chances to use it for monitoring others’ cell phones, because they are affordable.

Couples aren’t spying on each other because they are monsters with no ethics, they want to get a tangible proof of their SO’s infidelity. You can ask any therapist and they will tell you talk to your partner about this, but what if the answer to your question “are you cheating on me”, is a plain “no”? Are you going to accept the denial and simply move on with it?

Not many people can move on with their partner’s infidelity and consequently resort to extracting a valid proof of it. There is a need to understand the dos and don’ts of spouse monitoring before getting your hands onto your partner’s cell phone.

For an app like XNSPY, you could easily access social media and dating apps on your partner’s cell phone. For advanced monitoring apps like aforementioned, it’s necessary you know what they are capable of and how you can avoid legal consequences.

· XNSPY isn’t just a social media and dating apps tracker. It monitors photos, videos, and even record calls. What you may find out on your partner’s cell phone could turn out to be highly inappropriate. Make sure you are up for it.

· To legally use a spouse monitoring app, the partners need to take each other’s consent.   Covert monitoring maybe very fruitful, but you can end up with a lot of troubles for doing that.

· Consensual spouse monitoring could be helpful to both partners as they can track each other’s location for safety reasons.

What do experts have to spy on spouse monitoring?

Jennine Estes, who is a sex therapist, talks about how tracking apps could be mutually beneficial. She believes that these apps can give partners a proof of each other’s loyalty. In fact, these apps have even helped couples to forgo feelings of jealousy, mistrust and insecurity. When a spouse monitoring app is used, there are no secrets anymore. Everything gets transparent and real relationships strengthen. Estes believe that these apps can help a person avoid long term pain by catching their cheating partner in time.

“The idea of monitoring to check if your partner is faithful is nice,” she says. “But it’s also sad that people have to resort to these in this time and age”.