We use labels on a daily basis, often without realizing how useful and necessary they are. They help us classify food, office inventory, household items, kids clothes and school supplies, and more. For some of these things we simply write the necessary information on a piece of paper and tape it to the food packaging, notebook or anything else we need to label. However, in many situations we need slightly more serious looking and attractive labels.

For example, small business owners who sell physical products definitely need stickers that provide details about the product’s contents, where it was manufactured, if it has a “best before” date, etc. Some of these businesses pay professional designers to create original labels for their products, but with today’s free online technology, it isn’t necessary anymore to spend money on product label design. Using tools such as Labeley, the free online label creator, is highly recommended because they are free, simple to use and don’t require any special design skills.

Here’s the basic guide to using Labeley, after which you can spend some time discovering more design tricks on your own. That part will be the most fun.

Step 1 - Label shape.

Go to Labeley.com, click on the Start Designing button, choose any of the four provided label categories (general, beer, wine, kids) and then click on the Shape tab in the left hand corner. You can’t create a label design without this initial step.


Step 2 - Border and background

The following two steps allow you to set a border and background for your label. Take your time exploring the options. Note that the background feature lets you change the chosen background color. Don’t forget to click “choose” when selecting the color.


Step 3 - Labeley graphics or image from your computer

Next, take a look at the gallery of graphics in the Graphic category and choose one (or more) that you’d like to use for your label. If no provide graphic is suitable for your specific project, click on the Upload button and upload any image you want from your computer. You can reposition and resize your label image.


Step 4 - Create text

When you click on the Text option, a green Create Text button will appear on the right. Click on it and you’ll get a range of fonts you can choose from. Click on one or all of them to see what they look like. After you find the one you like, write the words you want to see on your label in the “Enter text here…” field. You can enter a whole sentence or just one word. By typing in word by word, you can reposition and resize each word to make them look different, as you’ll see in our label example for this tutorial.


Step 5 - Save and print your label

When you’re happy with your creation, save it in your Labeley account or on your computer (if you don’t want to register an account with Labeley). Keep it as an image, share it online or print it out on your home printer.


Use Labeley to create labels for work, homemade products, for party supplies and other special event items, or for any other creative stickers that can help complete your project. And don’t forget to have fun in the process!