When it comes to building the network, you cannot ignore some important things like the IP address. As the way, the IP address is one of the most essential things that help to identify the computer in the network. Actually, the IP address is a sequence of numbers that are separated by the dots. These sequences of numbers are used to find the computer in the network. However, there are two kinds of IP addresses available in the network and they are listed as follows.

  • Private IP address
  • Public IP address

Let’s see the difference between the private and public addresses in the most effective manner.

Things that you know about IP addresses

Basically, a public IP address is a kind of the IP address which can be accessed over the internet. In fact, it is like a postal address that is used to deliver the postal mail to your home. In that same manner, the public IP address is the globally distinct IP address that is assigned to a particular device.  As the way, the public IP address allows you to aces the computing devices over the internet. In that manner, the email server, web server or any other server can access from the internet directly through this address. However, this public IP address is given by the Internet Service Provider and the computer can be connected using the internet gateway.

Then, the private IP address is used to allot the computers within your confidential space like the private network and let you to use the internet in the most effective manner.  For example, if you have a large number of computers in your home network and want to access the internet through it, then you can use the private IP address to access each computer.  In fact, it is highly used within the organization to create their own private network.

When it comes to the private IP address, it is divided into the three blocks and they are listed as below.

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

All of these classes are only allocated for the private network purposes.  Mostly, the computers, tablets, smartphones that have resided in your home may definitely connect by using this private address.

Types available in public and private IP address

Initially, we can see about the types that are available in the public IP address. In that manner, the two different kinds of the IP addresses are listed as below.

  • Static IP address
  • Dynamic IP address

As the way, the static IP address is the address that cannot be changed and it can also be used primarily for hosting the web pages or the services through the internet. Then, the dynamic IP address is the one that can be chosen from the pool of the available addresses. In fact, most of the internet users have the only a single dynamic IP address that is assigned to their computer that goes off when the system is disconnected from the internet. However, it can get the new IP address when it connected to the internet after.

When it comes to the private IP address, there are some ranges are available. In fact, these ranges are allocated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. In that manner, the address range that is assigned to the private IP address is listed as below.

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to

In fact, these private address ranges are not directly connected to the internet and so the address does not need to be unique. However, the private address ranges in the network do not have to be synchronized with the rest of the world like the internet. The network administrator can only use this private address ranges for subnetting purposes.

These blocks of the addresses can be used by anyone and it needs not to be unique. Even if your neighbour has used your exact IP address, then it will not cause any problem to you. This is because that the private IP address is only assigned for the variety of networks.

As well as, there are two kinds of the IP addresses are also available and they are as follows.

  • IPV4
  • IPV6

These are the two versions of the private address and they are used in most of the networks for identifying the computers. In fact, the IPV4 address is the traditional one and they are used for the network where the limited number of computing devices is used. However, if you have more number of devices used in the network, then you can opt for the IPV6 address.

In that way, is one of the private IP addresses that are used in most of the networks. In fact, this IP address is highly used as the gateway of the default IP address of the variety of router manufacturers.

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