Troubleshoot-Wireless-Router-ProblemWhen the network users are experiencing any problem with your Wifi or internet connection, it can be easily solved by troubleshooting your wireless internet router. Whatever your network problem like slower internet connection, no access to the Wifi connection, and etc, one can simply fix it through troubleshooting. The following suggested troubleshooting steps to solve your router problems are also suitable for your wireless modems. A lot of manufacturers and internet service providers (ISPs) are combining both the router and modem units now days. Wireless modem or router will actually be the same device at most of the times.

Some troubleshooting solutions for your wireless router:

· Check for overheating – All electronic devices will give some problems when they are overheated. Likewise, your wireless routers can also fall down when it is overheated. The overheating of the router can damage your device over time and make it totally unstable to use. So, it is very important to often check the temperature of your device. If it is too hot sometimes, you have to ensure the enough airflow to cool it.

· Reboot your router device – Rebooting a router device is the best solution to troubleshoot and solve many of your router network problems. Whether your connections are dropping, wireless router is flaking out, websites are not loaded, or any problem, you will just reboot your wireless router to set all back to the normal. The reboot process of your network router is very simple on most of the broadband routers or modems. You just unplug the power cable to your router for a few seconds and plug it again to solve any of your network problems.

· When you need to frequently reboot a router device, the firmware of your router manufacturer will just be buggy or unstable. So, it is better installing the alternative firmware to solve any issue.

· Check all cables are securely connected – Some of your router problems may occur due to the unsecured cable connections. Because of this reason, sometimes the simple problems will become complicated to make some issues and damages in your network router. This is why it is highly necessary to check your connection and all the cables must be securely connected between your broadband router, computer, and all other devices connected in the network. You have to be sure that all your power cables to the modem or router, a cable between your wall socket and modem, a cable between your router and modem, and Ethernet cable connected at the back side of your router connected properly to solve your network problems.

Some other troubleshooting solutions to fix problems in router:

· Change a wireless channel – If the individuals are residing in a particular location where there are many numbers of nearby wireless routers, then you have a great chance of getting network interference due to the wireless frequency and sending signals of other wireless routers nearby you. Changing your wireless router channel or formatting the optimal wireless network channel for your available area are the best solutions to operate on that specific wireless channel by avoiding congestion and reduce the interference. This troubleshooting solution will be definitely helpful to improve your wireless network signal. If you have Android device to get access to the wireless network, you can download and install Wifi analyzer app to this solution.

· Reposition your wireless router – When you have a trouble in getting your Wifi signal, it is better repositioning your wireless broadband router. If you have any large metal devices or objects within a signal range of your wireless router, it can definitely interfere in the Wifi network and block the signal to access. Some kinds of cordless phones and microwave ovens might be a reason to this problem. Once you have troubleshot this issue with the proper reposition solution, it can absolutely provide your fast internet connection. You can either reposition your router to another new place or you can reposition that metal device to another place to solve this problem.

· Reset the factory settings – If your wireless network router device will not work properly even you have tried all these solutions, you just reset your router to the default factory settings. It will surely help you to get all the settings back to your router and solve all issues. – It is a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned as default address for some of the router brands like ADSL routers, Linksys, 3Com, and so on. The manufacturers of these router devices set this ip address as default during the factoring settings of them. It officially belongs to the Class C internet protocol classification for accessing the configuration and setup of the wireless router device. By entering URL on the web browser, one can manage your network and security options by login to the router configuration page.

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