Pros-Cons-KeyloggingKeylogging is a technique which was first invented back in the year 1983. At that time, the use of this software was rare and only the top investigation agencies and spies could get their hands on it, but today, it is a very common feature offered by most spy apps like TheOneSpy. People use it all the time to ensure the protection of their families, businesses and the ones they care about.

Few features of using Keylogging software is as follows:

· Keylogging feature of spy apps is apt at recording every single keystroke made by using a keyboard, even if it is an on-screen keyboard.

· It also takes a screenshot of the screen when the user is typing (Usually this screenshot is taken when a button on the mouse is clicked).

· It operates discreetly, hidden from the user’s view i.e. the targeted user would never find out that his every keystroke is being recorded!


· Monitor Every Keystroke Made

The best thing about keylogging apps and the reason for its inception was to record every single key stroke made by a user on the target device. This way you can not only keep track of what the target device is being used for but also use it as evidence in legal battles.

· Protect Confidential Information

Every business has their secrets. They make certain strategies to help their business succeed and rise above their competition. However these secrets are in the hands of all of their employees. The employer has no way of knowing whether or not the employers are keeping the secrets of the company or just selling it to rival companies for some extra money. This is where keylogging software comes into play. An employer can easily track of all the employees’ e-mails, messages, etc by simply using a Keylogging software and store all the info on a secondary storage device.

· Tap into Employee’s Businesses

Do you suspect that an employee of yours is handling an ecommerce website on the side using office hardware, equipment, services and bandwidth? Well, then keylogging feature of spy apps can help you catch such an employee red handed and use the data as legal grounds for a termination. Additionally, this way you can also learn if an employee is trying to pull wool over your eyes by selling your company trade secrets to your competitors.

· Get all The Dirty Laundry

Unless you have a writer working for you, a person’s browsing history can tell you a lot about a person. Their crazy fantasies and fetishes, their like and dislikes, the kind of music that they listen to, the kind of movies they prefer, what they are scared of, you can learn everything if you know what to look for and are brilliant at putting two and two together. Additionally, it is also the way to make sure that a paedophile or a sex offender is not reverting back to their old ways if you have generously allowed one to work for you.

· Safety Concerns

Keylogging feature of spy apps are like a private investigator for parents. Using them, they can know exactly what their children are up to in minute details. It records every single key they press, every search they make on Google, every post they make on Facebook, every website they open, etc. This way you can also tell if your child is being groomed by a paedophile or a sex offender or if they are bullying or being bullied by other children.


· Zero Privacy

Keylogging apps are brilliant at weeding out even the tiniest details and are great for employers or parents, but not so much for employees and children. There are some things that children and employees like to keep to themselves. If they know that their employer or parent is keeping a very close eye on them, it may make them feel paranoid and unsafe in their own skin. The rotten eggs, wherever they are, may find ways to tiptoe around such strict monitoring but the good ones would wither under it and may suffer for anxiety and various psychological issues.

· Release of Sensitive Information

No employee in the world would want to give their employer access to their bank account passwords and credit card information, since the release of such information may potentially be the tool to destroy someone’s life. Additionally, it gives the user too much control over the target device, more so than any one person should have.

· Gives Keylogging Service Providers Free Reign

Since the data recorded by keylogging apps is stored onto the remote servers of the spy app designers, access to such information can give them a lot of power. Even though most spy app companies swear up and down that their servers are the most secure in the world, the people in the hacking world are just as notorious and if information like credit card numbers and back account passwords get into the wrong hands, it will be disastrous for the people involved.

Author Bio: Nicki is tech and digital parenting expert. She mostly covers latest technology news and monitoring apps reviews for kids, teens and employees. Her article on Facebook and WhatsApp Dangers for Teens at TheOneSpy blog got high visibility on social media networks and online digital parenting communities. Follow her on twitter @nickimarie222