Improve-Web-page-SpeedPage speed is the significant part of any website’s user experience. It is one of the biggest determinants of your ranking position and site’s value. The more faster your page loads, the more you attract traffic to your site. Most of the sites are SEO optimized to not only perform well on desktops, but to download quickly on smartphones. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load, especially when there are many websites on the same topic that loads faster.

Follow these tips to enhance user experience and optimize your website’s speed:

Use Content Distribution Network

Content distribution networks is a high performance network of servers that distribute the load of delivering content. It ensures a consistent experience for your users. CDN consists of proxy servers which are located throughout the world, so if your user is located near that server, the loading time will automatically improve. CDNs in the event of heavy traffic, prevents site crashes and distribute bandwidth, therefore allowing one server to handle all the traffic.

Use Browser Caching

Using cache will result in faster loading time, as it stores all the necessary elements on a hard drive of viewers. Once the caching is enabled, it will automatically load all the previously downloaded static resources like CSS, PDF, javascript and more from local discs. The main aim of using browser caching is to set maximum age limit or an expiry date in the HTTP headers for static resources.

Minifying of Resources

Every unwanted piece of code adds to the size of your page. This can slow down your website considerably. It is better to remove extra spaces, indentations and line breaks in your code to make your pages as lean as possible. To minimize the file sizes, for HTML file you can use HTML tidy, for CSS file you can use CSS clean tool and for JavaScript you can use Closure compiler or YUI compressor.

Image Optimization

Every website contains images for illustration purpose. Large file size images are the main reason behind the slow loading time of websites. Keep your images as small as possible to ensure that your image loads quickly. You can do this by cropping the image to save you disc space. You can also reduce the size of the image by using any photo editing tools or decrease the color depth to the lowest level.

Optimize CSS Delivery

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are responsible for the layout on your site. It avoids duplication and the amount of code required. The preferred way to get CSS information is through external file loaded within the header. This will avoid duplication and lower the requirement of coding. In order to get a better loading website and cleaner code avoid using CSS inline.

Enable Compression

There are several tools available like deflate or Gzip to help you with file compression. This will help you to reduce the number of bytes sent over the network. They will decrease the size of your CSS, JavaScript and HTML, lessen the bandwidth and save in terms of hosting. Gzip is the great option for speeding up your website, since 90% of the time net traffic travels through browsers that supports Gzip.

Tools to evaluate Page Speed

There are several seo tools are available like Google PageSpeed, PingDom, Firebug & Y Slow to calculate your web pages speed score. These tools will offer useful information about web loading time and score from 100. It also suggests essential changes to optimize your page and solutions to improve your webpage speed.


Site speed always matters because a faster site provides good user experience, which lead to higher conversions. There are millions of sites across the world and everyone wants to increase their total viewers. So, If you are behind increasing mobile traffic, then speed becomes even more important. Implementing the above tips will help you to increase the speed of your web page, thereby providing more engagement and higher search rankings.

Author Bio: This Article is contributed by Saurabh Sharma for Girnarsoft – award-winning mobile app development company offering all inclusive mobile app solutions with an option to hire dedicated app developers to develop highly accurate and leveraging iOS & android apps. Follow him on @girnarsoft