Employee-Monitoring-AppsOne can go on and on and on about how spy apps are beneficial, how they have revolutionized the surveillance world, how they the best in business if you want to keep a keen eye on your employees. There are tons of things that spy software are good for, yet there are many facets of its use that are still unexplored. Even when we do know all there is to know about it, one solitary question looms in every business owners mind when it comes to their purchase – Are they even worth the investment?

Any spy app manufacturer would answer this question with a unanimous “YES”! But, that is not really reassuring now is it? Thus, let’s explore a few benefits affiliated with most spy apps and let you – the user be the judge of the question.

  • Keep Tabs on Mobile Workforce

Any handyman service owner, cleaning service owner, etc would know how hard it is to monitor a mobile workforce where your employee has to be on the move almost all day long. From purchase of supplies to the utilization of the said supplies on the worksite, keeping track of your employees is one hell of a task. Add to it the fact that most employees tend to slack off when they are away from their workplace, using the work equipment and the automobiles provided by the company they work for to their own use and gain puts a serious dent on the annual turnout of any business. Spy apps are incredible in this matter. Not only can you keep track of the location of your employee in real-time but you can also tell where he was and for how long. Thus, by using spy applications, you can easily tell the next time your employee takes 6 hours to make a delivery that was 10 blocks away, you can find out with just a flick of a button about where he had actually been.

  • Stop Abuse of Company Hardware

Another matter of interest for any business is the way its hardware is being utilized by the employee. In an ideal environment, an honest might use the cellular device provided by the company for office work only. But, since we are talking about an ideal situation, one that has nothing to do with reality, it is sufficient to say that even the most honest and hardworking employees do abuse the office provided internet bandwidth and hardware for their own disposal. It could be something as simple as watching videos on the internet all day long instead of actually being productive in your workplace to swapping in the out of order hard disk from your personal laptop for the one issued by your employer, all such behaviour put a serious dent in the monthly profit of any business. If you invest in spy apps, it will not only keep detailed records of what an employee was using the company owned hardware for but it will also notify you if your employees swaps the SIM from the target device sanctioned by the office for one of his own.

  • Increase Employee Performance

In most workspaces, there is a substantial difference between the ratios of the work done with that of the hours spent by the employee at the office. It might seem shocking to some people, yet it is not that unheard of. Most employees would rather spend the entire day randomly browsing through the internet and talking to their friends of Facebook than actually do anything productive. Mostly, the reason behind this happens to be the lack of surveillance in the workplace since many businesses seem to believe that video surveillance is enough to ensure that the employee is in his seat and working. But, with shift from working on pages to computer and the addition of free internet to the mix, it is not so. If any business out there wants to keep a close digital eye on their employees, they have to invest in spy applications under every circumstance.

The Bottom Line

Investing in something like spy application that may seem you are throwing your money away, but that is not so. Remember how most people motivate themselves to exercise by repeating to themselves that the results would be great, the results would be worth it. It is more or less the same for spy application. At first they may seem like a waste of money, but eventually when you start reaping the benefits, it would become an indispensible part of your business.

Author Bio: Brooke fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at TheOneSpy mobile spy app to track location, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @brookechloe78