Illustrate-original-Writing-StyleIf you have started your writing but don’t have any idea that how to continue with this productive writing then this blog will help you out regarding all your writing problems. We are here to discuss some basics of creating writing in this blog which you need to focus on.


The first thing you need to do is to just focus on your grammar, spellings, punctuations, sentences and structures, they are the common basics for writing and it improves your writing skills. If you make any grammatical mistake so, your reader will take you as an immature and your reader will not enjoy your original writing. Therefore make sure what you are writing is free of errors like spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. You also need to improve your punctuations because it can change the meaning of your sentences. So if you want to be a good writer than you must have command over punctuations and other rules of grammar. You also have to proofread your draft after writing because it will help you out to make it more understandable and polished and you can identify your previous mistakes so that you will be careful next time to make such mistakes again.


Keep this thing in mind that write whenever you feel to write. If you will write with full attention then it will increase your interest in writing and you will feel good and relaxed that make your writing more interesting for you. Your abilities will naturally enhance when you have a strong interest for writing. If you take writing as a burden, then it makes you distress it will not help you to be a good writer. Remember if you write with potential ability then your reader will encourage your passion for writing and this will make your writing more effective. You also need to pay attention towards the choice of words you are using because it will maintain a flow of your writing. To be a good writer you also need to be a good reader, read things properly, focus on material and words to be an effective writer.


Try to enhance your perspective, read more challenging material in order to diversify your writing skills. Move from typical topics too difficult topics to sharpen your writing skills. You may seek help from the internet to choose your topic, or you may choose any topic of your interest. Start writing on the topics which you think is difficult and gradually you will notice that you have command over such topics.


Don’t wastes your practice, don’t take too many gaps while writing, it will break your motivation for writing. Write on regular basis this will help you to understand the flow of creative writing and will make your writing ability strong. You can better acquire command over writing if you are a regular writer.


Ask your friends, family colleagues and others about your writing. Provide them your writing samples and ask how they feel while reading it, ask them about your writing flow, storytelling, choice of words, punctuation, grammar and other related question. By asking them regarding your writing skill you can get the idea that how readers are taking your writing, you may better know about readers by taking their feedback regarding your work, and this will help you to know that are readers enjoying your work or not.


You need to identify that which time is most suitable for you. Some people feel relaxed at night, and some feel good at day times. Once you are done with identifying your comfort zone than start writing. Mostly people write in night because they think it is a better time to think with comfort and it’s a perfect time for writing. Always follow your writing schedule accordingly so that it will boost your potentials for creative writing.

About the Author. James John is a professional writer at for last five years. His duties are to provide maximum knowledge, share ideas and complete guidance to the students in writing academic papers.