Screen-CaptureHave you been trying to use screen capture to record video footage directly from your desktop but found that the results are less than inspiring? If you’re dissatisfied with how the videos that you record have been turning out then you may want to tweak your approach a bit.

While there are many ways to improve the videos that you record with screen capture, 3 easy methods that you should try to embrace include:

  • Plan the video in advance

Every great movie starts with a great script – and your video is no different. By planning it in advance in terms of what you’re going to show in each scene and how you’re going to show it, you can then use that as an outline when you record the video.

Check the resolution and frame rate

Both the resolution and frame rate have an important part to play in terms of how your video appears. If your video doesn’t look clear then it may be the resolution that needs to be increased, and if the playback is ‘choppy’ then you might need to increase the frame rate.

Learn to cut videos

If you want your videos to really look professional then you need to know how to ‘cut’ them. What that means is you will be cutting the raw footage that you record into segments so that you can remove the parts that you don’t need, and insert parts of good footage from other takes or re-shoots.

Assuming you want an easy way to do all of this then you should use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will help you to record videos from your desktop easily ( and all you need to do is set the capture frame, check the audio source, and start recording. If you want you can adjust the resolution, and also control the frame rate too.

More importantly with Movavi Screen Capture Studio you’ll be able to take advantage of a comprehensive selection of video editing features. With these features you can cut and combine video segments, insert customizable text, enhance the video quality, apply special effects and filters, and even include background music or voiceovers. In short, you should have everything you need to make sure your videos look attractive and professional.

Don’t worry if you have no prior experience recording or editing videos because Movavi Screen Capture Studio will make it easy and intuitive enough that you will be able to use it even as a complete beginner. All that you really need to do is be willing to get started and try it out – and the rest will fall into place.