Content marketing has become the most crucial factor to reach out the intended audience. Gone are the days when Search Engine Gurus and Experts used to follow the traditional and limited ways ofmarketing products and brands. Today, brands that are impressive in educating their prospects with quality content are staying ahead in the competition.

Despite of having unlimited resources, there are number of marketers who have been unable to understand the importance of content marketing. These marketers commit silly mistakes that ultimately devalue their brand’s position in the market. So, what are the mistakes and how to overcome them to get recognized?

I know you all are getting curious to know the content marketing blunders that cause huge upsets when building up a brand’s reputation. Basically, there are 5 mistakes that every newbie and professional content marketer definitely needs to avoid.

Here you go with the first one…

1)Writing Content for the Sake of Promotion

There are so many brands that follow the same MANTRA. Practically, it is truly a waste of time because your audience doesn’t have enough time to read about your products and offers. Your brand won’t be able to become the primary choice of itsaudience until itoffers some benefits. Marketing is all about educating prospects first and then fulfilling their demands with the products or services.From now, you should focus more on educating the intended audience. This way, you will be able to see a drastic change in terms of behavior.

2)Choosing Inappropriate Social Network for Content Promotion

You understand your business better than anyone. Similarly, you should also know which social platform would offer the best return over investment (ROI). As there are plenty of social networks available, it doesn’t mean that you have to go after each one of them to promote your content. First, do you research,analyze where the audience is more responsive and then formulate your strategy.

3)Not Implementing SEO Best Practices

In the past, it was extremely easy to rank just anywebsite on search engines. Experts used to follow the so called ‘Keyword Stuffing’ approach to bring the traffic. But now, as a marketer you need to be very careful when plotting the SEO strategy. It could only be possible if you stay updated and keep the relevancy factor in mind. Before creating content for the particular reason, figure out 3-5 phrases that contain relevant keywords.Remember, when producing content, you need to satisfy two things: searchers and search engine.

4)Lacking Call-to-Actions

If you are more focused towards lead generation through content, add actionable call-to-actions. Create landing pages, make them attractive withan eye-catching content and drive results with the help of CTAs. There is no rocket science involved in the entire process, but requires proper research and deep concentration.

Remember, CTAhelps in more conversion and improves the overall sales process. But, it needs to be supported with therelevant and captivating content.

5)Not Using Analytics to Track Conversions

You can’t simply drive results until you know the progress. If you are producing content to convert a single visitor into the potential lead, you should be aware of the outcomes. Many content marketers lack the ability to track conversions, because they hardly check analytics to see the behavior of their audiences. Analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics offer great help to marketers. You should use these tools to track results which will eventuallyassist you to make content marketing strategy accordingly.

New technologies have made it easy for marketers to produce, promote and drive results with content. If you wish to strengthen your online existence, exclude the above mentioned content marketing mistakes from your dictionary.

Author Bio: Christina Matthew is a marketing executive in essay writing firm and specializes in generating leads through tried and tested marketing strategies. When not strategizing marketing plans, she writes informational blogs on the topics of her liking.