Apps-BusinessOrganizing your business and furthering the progress of your brand is difficult without the right tools to help. Simplify how you work with the help of these six useful and powerful business apps.


There is no need to take notes on paper. Evernote is connected to the cloud, making any notes you have backed up. You can even save any photos you have. Using a stylus is also possible and can identity what you're writing. Accessible for free on any platform, this is a great business app to have.

Square Register

Square Register turns your mobile phone into an instant cash register. You can receive a dongle in the mail for free that allows people to swipe their card right to your iPhone or iPad. While the company does take a small cut per payment, this feature is worth its weight in your business.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes is the perfect app for showing diagrams and using a board to share notes with business partners. During meetings, you can whip out this app and turn your iPad or any tablet into a board where you write diagram,s create quick notes, and give everybody a visual about any topic. Using a stylus is usually recommended.

Splashtop Business

Splashtop Business allows you to gain instant access to your computer through your iPhone or iPad. The screen will be just like your regular computer, and it'll help you save files and naturally browse the web on-the-go.


Camcard is perfect if you're always meeting new people. It allows you to photograph business cards and saves their contact information. It also creates an additional address book as well, and you can still access that address book without the app.

Onavo Protect

The Onavo Project owns multiple apps, and this one specifically helps keep all the data saved and protected. This app can help you safe from insecure mobile websites that can damage your iPhones or tablets with viruses. It can also protect your personal information like passwords or bank information when viewing insecure websites or paying for stuff online.

Some of these apps are free and some are paid, but it's very true that they all can help you wildly if you use them in your business. The key is to use them when needed and to take advantage of them, because many business owners already have and are seeing great results with time management, organizational skills, and improving meetings and conferences. It’s important to have a reliable tablet that can run these apps efficiently. To save on tablets, use online coupons from Discountrue