Perfect-Graphic-DesignLogo is considered the brand identity, it represents your brand on almost every platform, either a huge billboard or a small visiting card your logo conveys your message and draws attention. Logo design and web design are the two most essential components of graphic designing. An effective web design turns your visitor into a potential customer, hence increases your productivity.

To explore what makes an eye catching display a graphic designer needs to think creative at first. Designing a logo that is unique and meaningful the designer should first understand what his product is about. Having a simple yet attractive web design and logo will help your company grow. Following are the 5 basic principles for the logo and website designers to cater demands effectively.

Harmony And Unity:

The elements that blend-in your project should co-exist in harmony. Try as many design combinations you want, but make sure your final one blend in a unified whole.

· Use Different patterns.

· Using similar shapes will produce something creative.

· Exploit the space provided.


Achieving the effect balance for your web design and logo is a key to success. Your graphic elements require the right design elements that ensure you give the perfect orientation to your website. There are two types of balances:

· Asymmetrical an,

· Symmetrical.

The information conveyed through Asymmetrical formation is usually informal, while symmetrical designs employ repetition to attain balance. Asymmetrical balance relies on the balancing factors that are closely associated with the visual weights, These are;

1. Size.

2. Shape.

3. Color.

4. Position.

5. Texture and,

6. Quantity.

Focus On Your Subject:

All elements included in your graphical representation should have meaning. Avoid meaningless ingredients and choose that best translate your subject. A website for an example of a web design agency in Dubai can include different web design templates to guide viewers or a logo designing agency can show their expertise with their previous creative designs. Concentrate on your goal and design the layout accordingly.    


Some design elements are completely harmonious; they are arranged perfectly and they deliver the message perfectly. Scaling your logo or a web design is necessary. Make sure your elements aren’t too big for your background. Scale is the size in relation to the elements that are included in the design.

Manipulate The Viewer’s Eye: 

Ensure rhythm or the compositional flow. The viewer’s focal point is the gateway to the design flow. Include Pattern repetition, Gradation and Directional lines to give your product a smoother feel.    

Graphic design plays an integral part in shaping and defining your brand. Your brand/service/Business/company should have effective designing capabilities to compete in the online world where it is a race against time. Convert your visitors to customers by attractive web design and meaningful logo.  

About the author: Mir Hussain is a passionate writer who loves to read, write and blog. He provides creative content for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers web design and web development solutions to strengthen your position in the market.