Apple-Mail-to-Outlook-WindowsApple Mail also known by the name MAC Mail is the email client which is included in the OS X and iOS operating systems. Its current mail version utilizes SMTP for sending of messages. Whereas POP/IMAP is used for message retrieval and S/MIME for enabling end to end message encryption. What’s more, it is configured by default with other email clients like Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Gmail and it also extends its support to Exchange.

On the other hand, Outlook is the desktop based email client which works in Windows OS. There are times when the Apple Mail users tend to migrate to Outlook in order to work in Windows OS. In this write up we will mention the methods with the help of which you can easily import email from Apple mail to Outlook.

What Compels Users To Migrate From Apple Mail?

Although Apple Mail remains to be a popular email client with Mac users, there are certain issues that sometimes compel the users to migrate from it. Some of these issues are:

1. The messages sent via Apple Mail are in plain text format. This leads to a change in the format of the emails which are forwarded or are created in it. Unless and until the mails are manually RTF formatted (which consumes unnecessary time) they are sent in plain text only.

2. The upgradation of Apple Mail’s old version to Apple Mail version 4 gave rise to a number of issues. The issue was basically regarding the IMAP client implementation.

3. Other times at which the users may move their emails from Apple Mail to MS Outlook can be absence of Mac OS. It often happens that a user when switches from his earlier job (where Mac OS was used) to a new job where Windows is used, he tends to import his old data. Since Apple Mail is not supported in Windows OS, the only option left is to import data in Windows machine.

Procedure to Import Email from Apple Mail to Outlook

The process of importing emails from Apple Mail is not as easy as it sounds. This is due to the fact that both the email clients have different file formats. While MS Outlook follows PST file format, Apple Mail stores its emails in MBOX format. Due to this distinction in their supporting file formats, there exists no direct manual method by which the process can be done.

Since the direct conversion is not possible, there exists an indirect method, by which this can be done. Before moving on to the conversion process, it is necessary to make sure that you have Thunderbird installed in your system. Thunderbird acts as the middleman in the conversion process and hence is required. Apple Mail to Outlook is a two-tier process if done manually. Therefore we will explain each step in detail.

Part I: We know that Apple Mail supports MBOX file format for storing its mails. Keeping this thing in mind, we will import the Apple Mail MBOX file in Thunderbird. For importing the file, it is necessary to install ImportExport add-on in Thunderbird. Follow the below mentioned steps to import the MBOX file in Thunderbird:

· Open Thunderbird.

· Browse to Tools option and select it.

· From the drop down menu select ImportExport Tools.

· Click on Import MBOX File option.

· Browse the MBOX file belonging to Apple Mail and import it in Thunderbird.

Part II: Now the next part of the conversion process is exporting the MBOX file to Outlook. There is no default option in Thunderbird to export data to Outlook, therefore we will select HTML format to export our mails. The HTML format data is very well supported in Outlook and hence the exported data will be easily accessed in MS Outlook.

· Again select the ImportExport Tools option in Thunderbird.

· If you want to export all the messages of Apple Mail to MS Outlook, then select the Export all messages in the folder option. In case you want to export selective mails, you can select Export Folder option.

· Now from the drop down menu select EML format.

· The resultant EML files can be easily accessed in MS Outlook.

Alternative Solution to Import Email from Apple Mail to Outlook

As clear from the above mentioned procedure, the manual method of conversion turns out to be quiet lengthy and time consuming. Therefore in order to import emails to Outlook in a much efficient and time save manner, third party tool scan be deployed. One such tool is MBOX to PST Converter. The software, being client independent, does not require installation of any email client for the conversion process. The software enables to import emails as well as other data items like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from Apple Mail to Outlook in a quick manner.  It is the most efficacious tool that you can come across in order import email from Apple Mail to Outlook.