Mobile-Telemetry-Advantages-Irrigation-SystemA telemetry system is known to assist you in transmitting information from diverse locations, including remote and dangerous places from where data collection is pretty difficult. It helps in delivering results in a really cost-effective way from the privacy and security of your home.

In case you need take some measurements of something located in a difficult spot, you should then seek the assistance from a telemetry system. In case you are not very comfortable with the idea of wires connected with it, simply opt for the wireless variety. Wireless telemetry system is extremely reliable if you religiously follow a few dictates or guidelines. This latest technology of wireless telemetry system boasts of easy installation. You could install it simply on your own or you could even seek professional help.

Telemetry Systems

Mobile telemetry is actually the system of accessing remote data wirelessly for measuring purposes. Usually data is being collected with the use of radio, hypersonic as well as infrared systems. Wireless telemetry could be used in a wide spectrum of fields. An instance of cost-effective and very popular telemetry service is said to be SMS, in which case data is actually transmitted through GSM networks.

Wireless telemetry systems seem to be effective in many other fields of work including agriculture. It has been the pioneering factor behind the irrigation system in many countries and when used effectively, it can boost yield tremendously. Wireless telemetry system seems to be really useful in collecting real-time crop related data and also, tools. Real-time information provided by telemetry systems prove to be immensely useful in modernizing or revolutionizing irrigation systems.

Some Striking Features of Telemetry Systems

The telemetry systems could be used round the clock. They boast of automatic setting which cuts down manual data collection relating to agricultural practices and particularly irrigation.  Usually, certain intuitive web-based interfaces are known to work automatically transmitting notifications to irrigators and farmers whenever required regarding any modifications witnessed during the irrigation process. When the data is gathered, it can be delivered in real-time through mobile phones and emails.

Wireless telemetry systems boast of features like monitors that are known to record all the water-use quotas, and also, alarms that are supposed to ring whenever the water usage seems to be more or less. The devices are also useful in tracking crop data. Mostly these are One-in-all devices that are known to automatically measure water flow.

Advantages of Telemetry Systems for the Irrigation System

Use of Cutting-edge Technology

Wireless telemetry systems that are utilized for irrigation purposes, always use advanced technology. Advanced technology implies more systems, more solutions and better sensors. Their highly advanced sensors have been built in a manner so that they can be used not just by farmers, but also by dealers, distributors and crop consultants.

The wireless telemetry systems are connected remotely via radio UFH or satellites, or spread spectrum that makes sure that the collected data are error-free. Browse for more information on mobile telemetry.

Guaranteed Performance

Wireless telemetry systems are known to be of highest quality. They are known to consistently give assured performances leading to a boost in agricultural yield. Most firms offering telemetry services are known to be providing additional after sales, expansion and installation support.

Simple to Use

Wireless telemetry systems, in most cases, are simple and easy to use.  Farmers, growers, irrigators and even agricultural businessmen could easily use these devices and reap the benefits.

Labor Input

Agricultural businessmen are able to eliminate some layers of labor expenses in operations. These devices help agricultural businessmen in monitoring the operations remotely. They are also, alerted in the event of any problems or crisis.

Truly Affordable

Not only are wireless telemetry systems simple as well as handy to use they are known for giving brilliant results. They are really quite affordable also. Majority of the renowned telemetry systems in the market are quite affordable and deliberately priced so that middle-class-farmers can use them without any worries relating to expenditure and investments.

Author: Ben Davidson is a telemetry consultant attached to a firm providing mobile telemetry services and solutions. He is passionate about his work and he browses through sites such as to keep himself updated always.