10-Jobs-In-CollegeThe jobs on this list are a combination of the best jobs to have, along with the most popular jobs to have. For example, being a racecar tester may be a great job, but it is not a popular one with students - so it is not included in this list. These are the jobs that are held by hundreds and thousands of students around the country that are either good because they offer a decent wage, or good because they are fun/engaging.

1 - Bar worker

Working behind a bar may be the best college job you can get; it may also be the worst. It really depends how you play your hand. You may have hundreds of underage drinkers coming to you with the hopes of being served. If you say yes, then you will be loved and popular. If you say no, you will find it harder to make friends.

You can make a lot of friends by secretly giving away free drinks to the point where people will want to carry you down the street on their shoulders, and there are people that expect you to give them free drinks, so they will not pay you when you hand over the drink. They will walk off, and you may get in trouble if you are caught because you cannot rat out the person that did it to you. Those are the reasons why this may be the best and the worst job a college student may get. 

2 - Supermarket worker

There are thousands of students working at Wal-Mart right now. Stacking shelves may not be glamorous, but it is very easy and offers a reasonably good wage that can give students a much-needed cash boost whilst in college.

3 - Babysitter

If you have ever seen a horror movie, then you will know that college students make the best babysitters.

4 - Online merchant

There are some enterprising students that set up their own shops online and sell things. You can do it on Amazon, but there is too much competition and not enough room for variety and salesmanship. Your best option as a student is to set up a shop on eBay so that you may craft your own adverts and marketing scheme. Do it with a private-user account, so long as most of your items are not listed as new, and then move into setting up a paid-subscription shop when your goods start selling.

5 - Store assistant

These are the happy people you see stood behind tills taking money. It is not a glamorous job, and it is as boring as a lecture on the topic of inventory management for pin-tack factory. The money is not bad and there are lots of students that find it easy to get a store assistant job because you do not need a lot of experience.

6 - Office assistant

Office assistants are also jobs that students can enter and that do not require a lot of experience. Offices and businesses like to have students around to carry out the boring tasks that their other employees do not want to do. It involves things such as fetching the lunches, emptying the bins and refilling the coffee pots. If there is a thankless and boring job to do, then it is always handy having a student around.

7 - Freelancer

Some students use what they are learning to being a freelance business. For example, students learning graphic design may become part-time designers. There are plenty of subjects that may be used for freelancing prior to actually having the qualification, such as photo-editing, programming, website design, and so forth.

8 - Teaching assistant

Sometimes students are able to volunteer as teaching assistants because it looks good on their record, and other times students are paid to be teaching assistants. This is obviously a popular position because it is right on campus and selecting the right student is easy, but it is often a low-paid job that usually involves doing the marking and chump work for a lazy professor.

9 - Essay proofreader

Hundreds of students in your college do not want to proofread their own work. It is boring, and most people are not very confident in their own writing abilities, especially when it comes to showing a higher use of English. It is a little unfair that some subjects grade papers more generously if they show a higher use of English, when many students have never taken any advanced English courses. You can take advantage of all this if you promote yourself as a confidential and discreet proofreader that will not let their work fall into the wrong hands.

10 - Car cleaner

It is a lowly form of work, but there are plenty of students that make extra cash cleaning cars. There are even some that offer to work for delivery firms cleaning vans. Students are able to work cash-in-hand, and/or set themselves as sole-traders so they are able to charge less to van and delivery companies.

Author’s bio: Anthony Ash is a graduate student from Boston University, talented freelance blogger and a regular contributor at TopAussieWriters essay service. You may follow him on Twitter: @anthonyash_acc