World-Shrunk-Due-TechnologyBack in the days, high tech communication was the name given to a man on a horse, who galloped from one town to another, just to deliver a letter. Then came the days of party lines and switchboard operators, but nowadays we have come a long way as we can instantly communicate with anyone in any corner of the world just at the click of a few buttons, or should we rather say, at our fingertips? The technology in the realm of communication has since then resulted in making the Earth a smaller place. The process has fastened a lot due to a recent uplift in the high tech communication.

Through the internet

One of the best ways in which technology has impacted the distance between the people is with the help of the internet. It is quite shocking when you think how accessible the place have become due to the advent of the World Wide Web or the internet, which were too difficult to approach once. On Google Earth, looking at any place on the face of the earth is quite easy. A satellite image of the place would be shown to you as soon as you type in the name or address of the place you were looking for. You also have the facility of zooming in if you need to look at the streets as well. You can have a sense of being at that place even if you are a thousand miles away. Even the computers are connected with a few clicks, and you can also have an option of keeping an eye on your kids while you are on the job. Even the videos uploaded on YouTube are guaranteed to be viewed by millions of people, within a few seconds of being uploaded.

Web cams are not far behind

Web cams have surely made the world a smaller place as well. One can check out any webcam wherever in the world they are and stay update on the situation going on at any place. When you have your grandma living in a different state, visiting her every weekend is not an easy option. All you can do is, however, to install a webcam at the both ends, and bring a smile to her face whenever she feels like seeing how grown up her grandchildren have become.

Smart phones are smart nonetheless

Another instance of the technological advances in the world of today can be seen in the form of the smart phones. These phones are an epitome of efficiency and the real cutting edge technology, through which it is now possible to do international business even a million miles away by videoconferencing. Even for conversing with a friend in Belgium, while still being in your pajamas, a smart phone can come in handy.

Online dating, why not?

The phenomenon of online dating makes it even more obvious that the world has certainly become smaller. It was a long time back when couples had to dress up well and go out to meet each other, but now, there is no need to actually go out as you can easily sit in the comforts of your home and chat with your love interest online. People find out the interests, values and background of thousands of singles and see which one is the most compatible to their liking. Emailing and messaging are the modes of communicating while in the initial stages of a virtual relationship. This is not just the beauty of the internet, but is also a freaky part of it too.


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