DIY-Interior-Design-IdeaIf you are considering doing some interior decorating or design in your home, then you may think that you have to set aside a huge budget to get the job done. But if you get creative, then you can develop your own interior design ideas that look great and cost very little. Just like the best home warranty plans can save you from unexpected repair expenses, good DIY interior design ideas can save you money as you give your home a little character.

Unique Wall Decor

Have you ever looked at old barndoor hardware or a wrought iron gate and thought that it would look great hanging on your wall as art? What if you were to sand those pieces down and paint them gold? When you get creative with old items, you can wind up creating wall art that will turn into excellent conversation pieces.

Instead of throwing out that old window frame, paint it and put pictures in the window spaces to develop a fun picture frame. Before you throw out any larger items, try to imagine it hanging on your wall as a piece of art. When you open up your mind, you will be surprised at what you can create.

Don't Throw Out Those Old Plastic Cups

There are several rooms in your house where you can use some more shelf space, and you can add that space in a unique way by using old plastic cups. Clean out the cups and use a screwdriver and screws to mount the cups onto your walls. You can use the cup shelves to store small items in your bathroom, or you can put them in your closets for storing scarves and shoes. 

Lighting Up Your Old Bead Necklaces

Over time, many people develop an interesting collection of bead necklaces. The necklaces may have come from past Mardi Gras celebrations, or they may have been inherited from relatives over the years. Instead of throwing those old bead necklaces out, you should turn them into something wonderful.

Start this project by buying a hanging light that has a simple fixture on it, and start running the bead necklaces from the fixture to the hanging hook. You can use a glue gun to get the best results, and you should group colors together to get a uniform look. When you hang that light and turn it on, you will have a bead chandelier that looks great in any room.

Bookend Bookshelves

If you have old bookends that no longer fit your decor, then you are probably considering throwing them out. Instead of getting rid of those bookends, you can use them to make fun bookshelves that will match any library design.

You will need to go to a thrift store and buy some hardcover books to act as your supports on these shelves. Secure the bookends into the wall with a couple of screws. If you are not able to screw your bookends into wall studs, then be sure to use drywall anchors for support. Get some strong glue and secure the thrift store book to the bookend to act as the actual support for the rest of the books. Once the glue dries, you can pile a few books on top of the support book and it will look like you have books floating on your walls.

Glow In The Dark Storage Jars

The normal course of action for old jelly or canning jars is to throw them out or recycle them. Instead of throwing them out, you should clean them out and use them to make glow in the dark storage jars. 

You have two approaches you can take to make your storage jars glow. Your first approach is to spread glue on the inside walls of the jar, put in a little bit of glowing glitter, screw the cap on tightly and shake. The result will be a glitter jar that glows in the dark. Your other option is to buy a can of glowing spray paint and paint the inside of each jar.

Do not use your jars until the paint or glue has completely dried, and never use these jars for food or drinks. But when you put them on a shelf in any room in your home, you will have glowing storage jars that will be impossible to ignore.

Interior design projects can be inexpensive as well as fun. The next time you decide to try your hand at DIY interior design, you should use some creativity to come up with ideas that are inexpensive, but very effective.