Apps-Locate-Missing-SmartphonesAs far as modern technology and their products are concerned, a lot of advancement and improvement has been made in the domain of communication. The communication mechanism these days have progressed and reached new heights of success and accomplishment. One of the key products of technology in the domain of communication is the emergence of smartphones. These devices were first developed in order to make the process of sharing ideas and views faster and effective.  There are several modern applications through which smart phones can easily be found and accessed. These efficient and convenient apps are provided below:

1.Antivirus Apps

These are those kinds of application that have been produced for the purpose of securing and at the same time tracing the position and place of smartphones on the map. There is another additional feature that is provided with this app. This feature is locking your smartphone and in this way the phone cannot be used for any wrong or illegitimate objective.

2.Seek Droid Lite

This application is the combination or mixture of so many exciting and appealing features that attract the customer’s attention in a great way.  These features can be considered in the form of Wifi, GPS, ring alerts and sms activation service. In this way, it becomes the kind of innovative and desirable application that is being used in order to retrieve missing mobile phones. There is a pro account service that can be attained after subscribing, and the purpose of this service is to provide precise location of phone and it is done through the help of history map.  

3.Where’s My Droid

This application works on the concept of short messaging service since a code is sent to the phone in order to make the phone ring and then the location of phone can be found. The phone by means of this app can be controlled as well. The phone rings even if it is on silent mode. The phone can also be interlinked with the commander option, which is provided so that smartphone can be controlled.  


This is the kind of application in which there are different sorts of characteristics installed such as GPS, SMS activation among others. As soon as SIM card is changed, SMS will be sent to the user and in this way the position or location of smartphone will be identified.   

5.Find My Phone

This is the simplest application that works on the basis of GPS, the user just have to type “find me” and at the same time “ring aloud” should also be typed in order to find the missing phone. The phone starts ringing if the ring aloud message is sent to the phone.  

6.Plan B

This is the kind of an application that is more appreciated by the people because a feature “lookout lab” is specially developed in order to trace missing phones. The theme of this app works on the assumption of cell towers incorporating the feature of GPS. This is the way through which information is sent to Gmail inbox of user.  

7.Android Device Manager

This application was purposefully built by Google so that the process of finding missing phones becomes easy and efficient. This app does help the user by means of utilizing Google map for the purpose of finding the lost phone in convenient manner.   

8.Anti DroidTheft

This is an application in which the GPS feature is used in order to find the location of missing phone and at the same time the changes are enabled in SIM card as well.

9.Anti Theft Alarm

This application is helpful in such a manner that an alarm is enabled in the phone and it rings when the phone position is down. This is quite helpful in finding phones in different functions and social gatherings.


This is considered as one of the most efficient phone security application that has been developed in recent years. Through the help of this application all the activities that are performed in the phone can be monitored. In this way the text messages and call records can be saved and at the same time the monitoring of phone does not allow any suspicious activity on the phone.  

Ending Remarks

In this era of smart and meaningful communication, smartphones are becoming more and more attractive and appealing for the customers and at the same time the threat of robbers has also increased as well. Therefore, these apps are very useful and have been developed for the purpose of enhancing the security of smartphones to a great extent. There is a strong likelihood that after using these applications, the security of smartphones will be greatly improved and tracking of smartphones will become an easier task to perform.  

About the Author: Amelie Millie is a prolific writer and owner of an academic writing company full assignment help that handles academic writing projects in all topics and subjects. She also has a keen interest in smartphones application development and has written articles on various blogs on this topic.