As the gaming industry has grown with time, the kind of gaming titles we receive are just simply mind boggling. The competition is also now very fierce in the gaming industry, controlled by the two giants called Microsoft and Sony. However, both companies only offer the chance to play console games and not the PC version of it. Even today with the rise and doubling of console revenue, there are people who traditionally wish to play games still on their computer. Looking at this, the companies designing computers and laptops have found an opportunity to target these people by investing on machine customization or simply offering machines which are more powerful than the consoles of today.

This is why the debate between which is better, either console or PC, for gaming is always on the cards, whenever you make a PC fan and a console fan sit in the same cart. There might not be any difference between the two when it comes to technicalities, however the experience that one can get from console gaming is truly different. This is why today’s guest blog post is going to talk about ways and reasons why console gaming is always going to be better than the PC world of gaming.

Simple to operate

Gaming consoles when it comes to operations are very simple, yet so powerful to display graphics and sound of such magnitude. All you have to do is just put in your disk and start playing the game instantly. When it comes to PC gaming, there can be a lot of issues like operating software compatibility, issues of drivers and other similar programs. When it comes to console you do not really have to worry about any such thing.

It is purely for gaming

Consoles are made and tailored to fit for hours and hours of gaming and entertainment. Whereas a PC can do other multiple tasks and which means playing heavier games will add extra pressure on it. The life of a PC which is working on fully loaded games is always going to be shorter than a good quality console. This is the fact that most users come across during their experiences. People prefer console gaming, because they know it is designed to operate in such a way that it helps for the full experience of gaming.

Better life spans than PC

Console gaming always has a better product lifecycle than a PC. The games which are released on different requirements always put your PC technology at a risk of being obsolete. A console is designed, forecasting the gaming requirements of at least five years, this means it will keep on going with all the latest games available.

More options

Consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One obviously offer more entertainment options during and without games compared to a PC. They give you a complete entertainment setup, which allows you to enjoy whenever you have free time. PC gaming is traditional old school play and which is why people are reluctant to use it.

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