Offer-One-Gigabit-Service-4G-NetworkEE has been ruling the UK markets for quite some time now. Taking a step further towards innovation and upgrade of the on-going technology, EE ensures to provide best and uninterrupted services to its customers. EE has recently announced to offer One Gigabit per second service on its 4G network, making it the first network to take this leap.

EE has been experimenting with various techniques to increase the data speed. As per the EE spokesperson, once the 1 Gbit/s speed comes into existence it will be about six times faster than the current data speed of 150 Mbit/s. This overall will help to double up the speed of the current 4G network. (To know more about the plans contact the EE Customer Care number, 0844 324 0510)

Recently the company has carried out trials to increase the data speed to 400 Mbit/s, giving the users a better internet experience. The trials were based on the technologies like carrier aggregation and MIMO. Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) is also known as the ‘smart antenna’ technology for boosting the capacity of the carrier by adding the antennas on both, the transmitter and the receiver devices.

With the 1Gbit/s service EE wishes to cover the isolated parts of the country. This could be seen as a serious threat to the fixed-line service providers. But as per the EE spokesperson, they do not want to compete with the fixed lines but want to reach where the fixed-lines are yet not established or the regions that the fixed-line providers tend to ignore. With the 1 Gbit/s service EE wants to build the communication bridge between the isolated areas and the densely populated regions of the UK.

For the previous trials of boosting the data speed to 400 Mbit/s, EE aggregated three carriers, also known as the ‘tri-band carrier aggregation’ for the 4G service. The ‘tri-band carrier aggregation’ can be commercially rolled out by the company in the next year. For 1Gbit/s while the company refuses to give any certain dates or even a tentative idea, it does says that they are willing to launch 1Gbit/s speed for 4G services commercially before the 5G network overtakes the markets in 2020.