un-box-your-new-iPhoneWith the growing technological front, every day we come across new devices and gadgets to buy. We save all our money and pocket to prepare to buy the most expensive gaming console or new smart phone models. We all get really excited and happy whenever we buy a new smart phone. The excitement level and expectations double when you buy a new iPhone, more so with the latest iPhones available in the market. Buying an iPhone and using it is a complete experience on its own, which only Apple users will be able to tell you.

With the introduction of new iPhone 6 and now 6S in the market, we have some of the really interesting features to explore and go through. However, one thing which is absolutely important is the fact that we should prepare for the new iPhone before we actually start using it. This means there are things that one should instantly do the moment they un-box their phone. These things will not only make your iPhone use secure and experience more interesting, but also will give you a lot of new avenues to explore with your phone. Today’s guest post blog will talk about several things one must do the moment they open up that new iPhone.

Creating an Apple Account

If you are a new entrant to the Apple community, then you must know one thing and that is the fact that Apple is really strong with its cross device and platform synchronization. For all this, you will have to have an Apple account. The account which will and can be used not only for Apple iPhone, but all other Apple devices as well. This is what makes Apple so special with its strong device and community synchronization. You must ensure that you give out the right and required information, including your credit card information because it will help you purchase new applications, get subscriptions and avail offers on iTunes.

Learn some usage tips

If you are new to the phone, then understand the fact that there are some simple things you can do. For example, a single touch will open up the app for you and the home button will take you back to the home menu. The new iPhone 6S will also have a 3D touch which means the pressure of your touch will determine the actions.

Setting up your email account

The iPhone has the capacity to integrate all your email accountsin one storage.The Mail app will mean that all your Microsoft, Yahoo, Hotmail and Google will be combined into one manageable display and usage.

Start adding your information and settings

Once you have started the phone, you are free to explore and customize the way you want. Start by first saving all your contact and email information. You can also start to download some basic applications and social networking messengers now that you already have an Apple account. Learn more about what your new phone has to offer and start to get acquainted with the Apple experience.

Author Bio. Jasmine Nielson is the author of Assignment Done UK. Jasmine works as a customer representative at a mall in Australia. She likes to keep her writing skills in check by posting blogs on sites.