Amazing-Microsoft-Word-tipsRegardless of what computer platform you are operating on or what hardware and specifications you are using, you must remember and know the annoying little paper clip pin animated on the bottom right hand side of your screen. This was the Microsoft Word virtual assistant in the earlier versions. Yes, we are talking about the pride of Microsoft creation, the everlasting office tool called Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word has become such an important aspect of our professional and personal lives that it has successfully transitioned and replaced the generic word “word” literally. This means you can go to anyone and ask if they have a word document and they will instantly realize you are talking about Microsoft Word.

Over the years Microsoft Word has faced so many different alternatives and competition, but it still stands proud and keeps on getting more and more users all the time. Some long time aged users of Microsoft Word might think there is nothing left out of the software to learn, but you will be surprised when you read this blog. Today’s guest post is going to talk about the amazing Microsoft Word tips you must know now and how they help you to improvise on the software.

Word can tell how good your writing skill is

Did you know that Microsoft Word can itself be a good judge of your writing skills? Based on numbers and forecasts, Microsoft Word will be able to tell you how complex or easier to understand your writing is on a given document or a page. The Word is backed up with an automated system called Flesh Reading Ease which can easily determine the percentage of readability for an average user. It is said anything between 60% to 70% is considered extremely a well written and easier to read document. You can check these stats by going to Options>Proofing > Check Grammar and Spellings and click on Show readability stats.

Highlight a square of the text

Ever read online magazines where a certain part of the paragraph or text is zoomed out with a square? Well, Microsoft Word can easily do it for you. Pressing the ALT key while dragging your mouse over the document allows you to create a perfect square to highlight all the characters and text in that space, this can then be eventually formatted as per your liking and customization requirements. This is one of the hidden secrets of Microsoft Word, that most daily average users will not be aware of.

Auto Generate Lorem Ipsum

If you are working on designing a template and wish to highlight where the text will go, by writing the entire Lorem Ipsum template, you do not have to do it manually. Word can automatically generate a Lorem Ipsum script for you wherever required.


Yes, besides Excel, you can also complete your basic calculations on Microsoft Word. By going on to Options > Quick Access Toolbar, you will be able to highlight a calculation script into your word document. This will then work as a basic calculator to execute various commands.

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