switch-Windows-10The much anticipated Windows 10 was launched this summer with a big fanfare by Microsoft. It’s proving be very popular with businesses with over 14 million people worldwide upgrading to this new version. At Advantage, we think Windows 10 is the best Windows OS yet.

Here are ten reasons why you should switch to Windows 10:

1.     Device Adaptable: Windows 10 is a familiar Microsoft experience which adapts to a variety of devices.

2.     Familiarity: Windows 10 is as much a development of Windows 7 as from Windows 8. Even with new features and an increasing emphasis on touch screens, it should be an easy product to use.

3.     One Drive: Microsoft OneDrive storage is packaged with Windows 10 allowing Microsoft to further expand on their computing ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ concept. Sync files to multiple devices to access computing.

4.     File Syncing: Office 365 shares a common account which allows file syncing to OneDrive or One Drive for Business.

5.     Speedy Business Setup: Upgrading from Windows 7 upwards is a simple user enabled process with no IT skills needed.

6.     Business Settings: Even a brand new device will allow access to business accounts and pre-determined business settings within minutes.

7.     SMBs and Corporate Security: Microsoft promotes enterprise grade computing for SMBs with enterprise grade security in Windows 10. The same security parameters used by blue chip companies and government bodies is available for small businesses.

8.     Business App Security Protection: Windows Store Apps are developed in ‘sandboxes’ – the equivalent of ‘clean rooms’ - run in isolated and highly controlled environments. This helps protects apps from viruses and malware.

9.     Performance Resource Management: With increasing focus on resource management, Windows 10 includes many improvements in how memory is used and managed, helping general stability and productivity.

10.   Data Integrity: With the use of multiple devices engaging with one common user account, Windows 10 develops security for devices, identities and files.

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