Keep-Apartment-Eco-FriendlyWith global warming becoming a harsh reality, it is essential that everyone contributes to a greener tomorrow in their own small way. This article will help you set up an eco-friendly apartment using a few simple tips and tricks.

There are several cost-effective methods to create an eco-friendly environment at home. These methods not only conserve nature but make optimal use of resources to reduce waste. The onus rests on each of us to make small changes in our lifestyles that will go a long way towards eco-friendly living. Read further to learn seven useful tips that will help you keep your apartment eco-friendly.

1.     Make Reusing and Recycling a Habit

Try to reuse and recycle products whenever possible, to reduce waste. You can team up with any local recycling program that collects old newspapers, plastic bottles, soda cans, and more. Recycling will save you both space and money, two commodities that are a much-needed resource in today’s world. Let your creative juices flow and come up with innovative ways to reuse old items lying around your house. Old clothes, furniture, and upholstery can be effectively reused. Alternately, you can also consider giving old but usable items to charity. The receiver will be happy and you will help preserve the environment in your own way.

2.     Switch the Mains Off When Not in Use

With almost every electronic appliance having a remote nowadays, it is easy to avoid walking a few steps to the main power point. However, what most people don’t realize is that even when you switch off an appliance like an AC or TV via remote, it still consumes electricity as the main power switch is on. Switch off all the mains to save on your bill at the end of the month. All electrical appliances have high energy consumption, yet another resource that needs to be saved. Do a quick check of any appliances that you have around your house, including computers, laptops, DVD players, mobile chargers, night lamps, and more and ensure you switch them off when you do not need them.

3.     Natural vs Artificial

It is common knowledge that our ancestors had longer lifespans, thanks to the fresh air they breathed in. With fans, air conditioners, bulbs, and tube lights becoming an essential part of our daily life, we have forgotten to tap into free natural resources like solar and wind energy that will not only keep us healthy but also help create an eco-friendly home. Make the most of natural breeze and light. Have large, open windows to let the light and breeze in and also ensure that you receive proper sunlight and have working cross-ventilation channels in the house.

4.     Cleaning Products that are Skin-friendly

Make sure to buy environment-friendly cleaning products such as detergents and sprays made with natural ingredients. You can also choose to make your own cleaning products at home with ingredients lying around your kitchen. Toxic chemicals not only harm the environment but can also damage your skin when you come in contact with them.

5.     Energy-saving Lighting Solutions

While making optimal use of natural lighting is an excellent idea, you will require artificial light once dusk falls. Opt for CFL bulbs that require less energy but give you sufficient brightness. You can also use solar lighting and heating techniques that will bring down both your bill and carbon footprint.

6.     Balconies and Terraces can Become your Mini Garden

Use the balcony or terrace space in your apartment to have potted plants. This will help keep your home green and fresh and also improve the quality of the air you inhale. You can also plant flowers or create a mini vegetable garden.

7.     Furniture from Natural and Recyclable products

Pick up furniture made from cane or bamboo when possible. Choose to buy upholstery like bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and curtains made from natural fabrics like cotton as opposed to synthetic fibres.

These tips are easy to implement into your daily life and are also inexpensive. With these tips in mind, check out that has some great eco-friendly apartments listed across different cities in the country.

It is every person’s duty to help safeguard the environment for a greener and cleaner world and this can begin with simple and small steps at home.