Amazing-Career-Remote-Database-AdministratorsAs the days go by, more and more businesses are waking up to the realization that they cannot survive without their data. Data is a really important asset for all businesses across the globe. The problem with business data is that it can be really difficult to store and manage. The databases always have a limit in terms of their capacity. There is also the issue of security of the data. You do not want your business’ data to be compromised because incorrect information will always lead to incorrect decisions. This is why a database administrator is very important.

The work of a DBA

Database administrator is charged with the work of making certain that the organization’s databases are fully operational. Everything must be running at its best. They are also the professionals who ensure that the database is searchable and at the same time secure. A DBA will monitor the database and make sure that there is nothing compromising this data. Depending on where the database administrator works, they may have other tasks like cleaning up the database and increasing capacities.

Typically, a DBA will work the normal 40-hour week in the office. There are also remote DBA services.If you are providing these services, the week might be a little bit longer. This is because you will be managing the databases of different clients and they expect that you will keep a close eye on them. Therefore, the companies that provide these services make sure that they are offering their clients 24-hour database monitoring.

Educational requirements

The thing about being a database administrator is that you can get into the career with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field of IT. There are people who are able to get by with an associate’s degree and even certificates in computer science. The certificate programs usually last a year while the associate’s degree will go for about two years. To get a good job with these two you will need some work experience. Internships come in real handy here.

Job description

Database administrators deal with the work of storing, organizing and managing databases. They will also use and analyze the data as well as the software available for database management. Any information storage needs of a company will be met by a database administrator. This will include things like setting up new computer databases or integrating data from old systems to new ones.

Regular routine tests and modifications to the database are conducted by the DBA. The security of the database is also a major concern for the administrator. Basically, as long as it has to do with management of the database system, the DBA will do it.

Job outlook and pay

There is a prediction that the jobs for database administrators will grow by as much as 15 percent between 2012 and 2022. This is due to the increasing demands for database management services. Management companies, education institutions (especially universities and colleges) and computer system services are the major employers of these professionals. DBAs earn a mean salary of $80,740 annually. The remote DBA service providers have a tendency of earning even more than this to the tune of $100,000 annually.

Author bio. Jenny Richards has a love for careers that are not mentioned frequently like the provision of remote DBA services.She is an online freelance writer and career advisor.