Best-Android-Movie-AppsAndroid phones being among the leading mobile technologies, there is need to develop quality movie apps which can be used by this phones to make sure the users are satisfied. Below are some of these which have been recently developed to ensure android users are able to watch movies at the comfort of their phones.

1.Viki android app

This is a free app designed in South Korea. Most of its content is from the Korea region. However, its use is not limited Korea only as anyone can download and use it. Regardless of the content been in the Korean language, you can also watch those movies since it has a subtitle feature that allows you to translate to English for easier understandability. It is also considered to be best movie downloader for android mobile

2. Series Guide app

It is an app designed for those series movie lovers. It has a gorgeous interface which looks nice on display on your android phone. This app lets you get access to all the latest releases in the series world since its movie database is updated frequently. It has a manger tab which manages all your downloads in an orderly manner for easy retrieval.

3. Movie Mate Pro app

It presents its movies in tabs form and therefore you are able to choose which tab to use to download a movie based on whether it is on the coming soon tab or any other tab. It gives you access to your recently watched movies and therefore lets you access them easily. It also has a rating category where you get the opportunity to rate the movie you have watched.

4. IMDb movies app

It is an app that is very easy to use and operate and therefore preferred by many movie lovers. It has manager module for managing all your download and keeping track of your playlist to ensure that its use it’svery effective. The user also has the ability to view or add reviews of the watched movies and share them with you friends.

5. Plex app

It is an app that mainly serves as a media store for storing all your downloaded movies. Apart from storing your movies, it gives you the chance to stream live any movie available in their database. It is also easy to use and comes to at an affordable price.

I trust that you are now well informed about the best movie apps that you need to have in your phone so hurry up and don’t be left out in these wonderful experiences.

Written By : Prerna Puri