When we talk about Microsoft and its ability to talk to bring in sudden changes to the operating system, we must not forget the crucial mistake it made recently. The launch of Windows 8 which was supposed to be a platform for people and Microsoft to launch its big stage in competition to the IOS systems which are eating up a lot of market share completely disappointed everyone. The Windows 8 system not only failed to deliver on the expectations of its users and the company itself, but also failed to provide any functional value to add to the overall improvement of the users.

This is why going back to the drawing board and working on something with patience and enough research was the need of an hour for all Microsoft users. Now Microsoft cannot afford to have any more hiccups, otherwise not only will they lose out on potential users and the existing ones by margins, but also will be cutting their important partners off. The new Windows 10 which has recently been released by Microsoft after almost three years of the 8, is now being talked about across all technological platforms. It is said to be the make-up version of Microsoft, correcting its earlier mistakes in the Windows 8 systems. Today’s blog will be talking about four things that have changed and are now incorporated in the Windows 10 software.

The start menu

Until the Windows 8 surprisingly ripped it off without any teasers, no one really knew the importance and psychological affection of the users with start menu functions and buttons. After the launch of Windows 8, did the users and the company realize how big of a role it played? People were utterly disappointed and started panicking once they did not find their go to option of the start menu. The good news is that in the Windows 10, you will see your start menu back with better aesthetics and appeal exactly where it was in the previous Windows 7 version.

Virtual Desktops

In its fight with IOS systems, Microsoft also now has designed a very fluid desktop front-end, which means that users can have their own virtual settings by arranging the applications and other settings just the way they want. Desktops also feel a bit more fluid just like the IOS compared to rigid backgrounds in pervious Windows versions. The virtual desktop settings are Microsoft’s first attempt to step on to the era of amazingly fluid systems and software with high performance functions.

Touch for Tablets

With Microsoft Windows 10, the tablets and touch computers get a built-in adaptability of touch functions. The new software allows you to perfectly handle your touch devices without any real challenges due to built-in compatibility.

Eye for the future

Up till now, the Windows 10 after a long time is smoothly entering the systems and preferences of core Microsoft users, it has received positive words and reviews from a lot of users and critics. This means that after a rough road with Windows 8, Microsoft is on a path to recovery and more projects in the future.

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