Green-TravelWhen you are planning your trip, you should also think about the environment. You can definitely be a responsible traveler by adapting the green travel method. Here are some essential tips that can make you a responsible traveler:

  • Before Booking Your Travel:  Before you book your travel, you should remember the following things very carefully

Research the Route: You should do a bit of research while deciding your route. You can go for the direct routes instead of the break journeys. This will save your energy as well as money. As air travel emits largest carbon, you can avoid the interstate flights as much as possible. If there are road and rail routes within the states, you can easily opt for that.

Committed Tour Operators: Ask about a commitment from the tour operators to make sure that they are not harming the environment, local communities and wildlife in any situation during your travel.

Select Eco Friendly Hotels: Make sure your hotel is one of the members of the Green Association for Hotels. You can check whether their waste disposal method is environment friendly or not. Go for the hotels which invest a lot in greenery and plantation.

  • Before the Travel:  Before the commencement of your travel date, you should be aware of a few things.

Learn Local Languages: When you learn local language, it shows respect for that particular community. If you are unable to learn the whole language in full, you can learn a few words at least.

Ask for Tips: You can ask your tour operators to suggest some essential tips for you so that you can responsibly manage your travel. Depending on their experience, they may provide tips on the local culture and people.

Difference between Tourist and Traveler: Learn the difference between a tourist and a traveler. A tourist is never flexible and turns out to be dissatisfied with little changes. A traveler is someone who welcomes new things in the new environment.  They learn and observe throughout their trip. Try to be a traveler to enjoy the travel in the green way.

  • During the Travel: During your travel, you can play the role of a responsible traveler who supports the green travel very much.

Buy Local Goods: You can support the local business by buying the locally manufactured products.

Local Guide: If you are hiring a local guide, they can earn from you. Besides, the local people are also aware of the place better than the guide outside the community.

Respect Local Cultures: Regarding the religious places, you should have a proper respect. If you have little doubt in your mind, never visit the religious places during your travel.

Use Public Transportation: When you are using the public transport of a particular place, you are actually supporting that particular community and reducing carbon emissions.

  • When You Return Home :   After completing the whole tour, you can return home being more responsible:

Provide Feedback: You can provide feedback to your tour operators so that they can provide eco travel to their future travelers.

Send Gifts After Return: If you have promised any one to send gifts, send accordingly. Keeping your words shows a respect for the community.

If you are touched by the community where you have traveled recently, send some money to a donation program which is supporting that particular place or the community. You should be thankful to all the people who helped you in your travel. Support all the causes of green travel to become a responsible traveler.  The best Tadoba resorts can offer you an environment friendly experience.