Build-Eco-Friendly-Commercial-PropertyAt a time when environmental risks are at an all-time high, the big guns need to come out to create a greener earth. It’s not just individuals or NGOs that can do this, but basic changes in the way commercial property is developed can pave the way for an eco-friendly system.

Why is eco-friendly property so essential? Unknowingly several methods employed in creating office space not only potentially damage employees’ health, but also have adverse effects on the environment. A green office will not only boost employees’ spirits, but will go a long way in reducing one’s carbon footprint on our planet. The negative effects of a polluted environment are plain for all to see.

There are several methods that one can implement to create a commercial space that is eco-friendly. Developers can use these tips during construction of a property. There are also other steps you can take to make the interiors of your office eco-friendly. Simple and basic variations like the ones listed below will all contribute to a green office.

External Structures That is Clean and Green

While adorning exterior walls with plants and creepers make for attractive landscaping, there is more to creating a green building than just that. Biowalls can be installed, which are similar to the wall garden concept, but serve to make the building eco-friendly. These walls on the outside of an office building provide sound insulation. It will also keep the atmosphere cooler and manage to deflect solar radiation.

Another step that you can take is using greywater to water these walls. Greywater is simply reused water from dishwashing or laundry. During the monsoon, these walls will make optimal use of natural rainwater. You could also have a roof garden installed on your commercial property.         

Internal Changes for a Better Life

Steps taken within the office can also contribute to making commercial spaces eco-friendly. When not in use, simply turn off electrical equipment like printers, computers, and Xerox machines. This will not only save a large chunk of the electricity bill, but also conserve energy. Products used to keep the office clean can be checked for non-toxic ingredients. Instead of travelling to work alone, you could opt to car pool, which not only saves money but fuel as well.

A paperless office would go a long way in making the building eco-friendly. Avoid printing emails and documents unless absolutely necessary. Organic beverages during coffee breaks are great, both for one’s health and the environment. Even food preferences can be organic ones and sourced from fair trade organizations. Allow natural breeze inside rather than having the air condition on at all times.        

Recycling Is the Way to Go

Use of recyclable material in property construction is a great way to cut costs and be eco-friendly at the same time. You can buy printing paper, diaries, notebooks, and other stationery, all made from recycled products. Opt for ink cartridges that can be refilled. Make sure to use sheets on both sides, before tossing them away.   

An eco-friendly building is cost effective, has minimal power and water consumption and is energy efficient. The air quality inside the building will also improve. It is also noted that an eco-friendly commercial property enhances productivity of the employees working inside. The property value of such buildings also increases at a drastic pace, making resale possible in the long run. It is definitely easy to implement changes that would lead to an eco-friendly building. Besides construction and recyclable material, you can make small changes within the office premises and in your lifestyle as well.

You can also incorporate these changes in your house if you want to build a sustainable home. According to, you can build a green property based on the criteria given by LEED and Indian Green Building Council. This will not only help you in getting a green home rating but may also fetch you incentives when you apply for a home loan.