scrivenerSome might say that a writer only needs a word processor and a good cup of coffee but in today's increasingly digital world, apps abound to help writers deliver their best. Here is a list of the best apps and tools designed to help writers with such simple tasks as honing plot outlines, keeping notes organized, staying focused and even helping them stick to daily deadlines. Take a quick look at the following 7 apps:

  1. Scrivener

This app allows you to organize your ideas and writing all in a single place. It includes tools to help you organize your research and notes, navigate from one place to another and manage the search options. A powerful search function means that you can very easily find a word or passage you are looking for. This is an excellent option if you need to organize as you write.

  1. FocusWriter

This software is perfect for those who have difficulty focusing and meeting the deadlines. The interface is simple, but the software also includes options such as timers, goal setting and word counters that help you stay on track with your writing goals. As the name suggests, it allows the writers to maintain their focus at the work.

  1. Write

This tool takes the pain out of writing on an Android device. Not only does it provide powerful research and mark-up options, it also includes support for backing up your work to nearly every cloud storage service out there. This makes it a great tool for the times when you are on the go.

  1. Brainstormer

This tool is for the times when the creative well runs dry. Brainstormer helps by providing you with random plots and subjects that can help to trigger those creative brain cells all over again. It has proved to be a gift from heavens for the writers.

  1. Pinterest

You might find it surprising that a largely visual tool has made this list. However, the visual stimulation offered by this tool is a great way to collect inspiration from all across the Internet and organize it in a single place. What more does a writer want?


This tool is great for creating the to-do lists that help you go about your writing goals a bit better. There are even rewards for when you successfully achieve your goals for the day.

  1. Pocket

This tool helps you organize the information you find on the Internet. When you find something that you may want or need to view later, you just need to add it to Pocket. Pocket also allows you to sync the information you find there to your computer so that you can view it later even without an Internet connection.

  1. Coffitivity

Have you noticed how it is much easier to work from a coffee shop than from home? This is where Coffitivity comes in the scene. It mimics the slight din of a coffee shop, which research has found to be the best way to keep the productivity coming.

Of course, no matter what tool you use, there is no replacement for a good imagination and strong technical skills, whether you're churning out the next fantasy novel or just completing your work as one of the several dissertation writers at dissertation corp. Until you sit down and get in the writing frame of mind, there is no tool in the world that can help you become a better writer. So go on, get to it and use the above mentioned tools and apps to the fullest of your advantage.

Lara Pole loves to write insightful blogs on tech and education, and the recent developments in other sectors. When not blogging, she works with a digital marketing firm providing clients with effective branding solutions.