Attention parents! Do you know the kind of apps your children have on their smartphones and tablets?  Are you sure there is no inappropriate app on their phone? Are your children using adult dating and anonymous apps? Parents see their children as small innocent babies, but children these days act far ahead of their age. Technology, especially if you’re a little behind the times, can be very deceptive.

You might check your child’s phone and find apps which to you are simply apps to communicate with their friends, but unfortunately it is not always the case! It is a known fact that a video or picture uploaded on the Internet is immortal, even when deleted, it is always there. Somewhere in the world, there is always a server, keeping logs for the developers and they have them. Let’s say the source guarantees full safety of personal information, still no one knows for certain, the future of your child. 

Being digital natives; children are so technologically advanced and parents, to keep their children safe from online hazards, have to be technologically updated too. So here’s what you do: use cell phone parental control app to keep an eye on the type of apps your child is using and block any inappropriate one. But first you need to know which apps to keep an eye out for!

Here are the three most unsafe apps that can be a direct menace to your teen’s private information and in more swerve cases even their life!


This app is all about meeting people online and hooking up! And more alarmingly, children as young as the age of 12 can use this app. This dating app is completely about self marketing in front of others. After installing, users have to put a up a picture and then it asks your location before allowing you to look at others profiles. This could be quite risky!


This app basically operates on ‘likes’. When you receive a ‘like’ on your profile, you ‘like’ the person back to view the other person’s profile more. This is where teenagers invite danger over. Tinder app uses your current location to interact with someone face to face, it makes you and your teen more prone to bandits and harassers.



Parents you need to be on a look out for this one! Down, previously used to be called “Bang with Friends,” is connected to Facebook. Users can classify their Facebook friends in one of two ways: they can specify whether or not a friend is someone they'd like to hang with or someone they are "down" to hook up with.

The slogan for the app is: “The anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are down for the night.” This means that they specify if they are looking for a serious relationship or a casual one. This one gave you goose bumps, right?


This app is interesting; Snapchat allows its users to upload short videos (maximum 10 seconds) and photos (also of a few seconds). The shared picture or video disappears after the seconds you select and the app makes sure the content is gone forever. But regardless of the fact, teens are using this app for the wrong purposes, which is a threat to their online and real life image.


This app can be used to send nudes (pictures and videos) and this trend is getting popular especially in teens; that’s right! Your might think of it as a fun app to send funny pictures of each other, but teens are using it inappropriately. Sending such pictures in this app does not save your child from harassers, since you can always take a screen shot of the photo. The user does receive a notification but what good it is then.

How to stop your child from using them?

One way is to talk to your children, about the dangers of using such apps. Along with this, parents need to take an additional measure to safeguard their children, which is digital parental apps like, FamilyTime.


It is very important to have mutual consent in matters of using such apps, teen need to understand that it is for their own good.  This app is both convenient and effective. FamilyTime app is compatible with all iOS, Fire OS and Android devices and is available for free in iTunes and Android.

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Many tech-savvy parents use cell phone parental control software, to know what their child is doing online. This app allows you to:

· Monitor all the apps installed in your child’s smartphone or tablet

· See how frequently they use the app and an what time

· Check the time to see if they are using the app in school or at study hours

· View if they are using web versions of the app, through web history

· Identify the inappropriate apps and Blacklist them

Time to put indecent apps to rest!

It's overwhelming for parents to keep up with kids and their online habits. But it is very important to have conversation with them and keep tabs on their online life. Discuss the dangers of such apps and make sure they understand the need to keep personal information private. But just to make sure that your kids don’t really use any inappropriate apps, there are digital parental apps for that! Happy parenting!