Student-Must-Know-Going-Graduate-SchoolEveryone here agrees with my view that graduate life is full of excitement and fun. There are a lot of things that people usually won’t tell you about the graduate school, these are the things that you usually discovered by your own. The things we are going to share here in this article are one that every one of us usually experience in our graduate school life. If you are thinking to take admission in graduate school, then this article is a big help for you.Here in this article we share the top things that a student must know before taking admission in graduate school. Have a look!

You have to write all the time:

It is necessary that a graduate student must have a firm grip on reading and writing all the time. Whether, it is in a form of class work or a home assignment that usually include long assignments as well as short essays. You have to write at least 35-50 pages a day. At times it usually takes days to complete one assignment. Also, it is necessary that you must also be good at writing and reading clearly quickly.

It is not necessary to read the book again and again:

In a graduate school teacher usually want to see your own understanding on the particular topic and not what is written in the book. You don’t have to read books all the time. You are there to learn about different methodologies, perspectives, arguments and other specialized areas.

Good strategic and skimming use of book reviews is necessary for the success. It is always recommended to never spend more than five hours on a single book if you are in a graduate school. For skimming the experts recommended glancing over the index and book review, read the intro and first chapter of the book closely, skim the remaining chapters, carefully read the conclusion and then find if there is anything necessarily remaining, read it.

This is not easy all the times, but if you really want to get success uses adopt makes this your habit. By this way you can complete the book in an hour or even quicker.

Graduate school is like a self-torture, but you will definitely love it:

In a graduate school you must need to work continuously, both figuratively and literally. In fact, you will have to do more work as compare to anyone. There will be weeks or even months when you don’t find time for yourself. Graduate school is the best time to become a scholar. And it is usually fun. At times you feel like you are torturing yourself, but you keep going because you are also enjoying it.

The first semes​ter is always the hardest one:

For a lot of students first semester is always the hardest one as you are new to the institution and it always needs some time to settle into new place likely getting used to new faces and names, a new city, a new job, etc. There are completely different requirements that you have to meet as compare to the undergraduate. If you want to make your life easier than it is necessary to adjust to this situation as quickly as you can. If this is exactly the situation with you, then don’t worry almost every student is going through this. Just try to do your best and you will see how things will be changed.

It is necessary to realize as quickly as you can the consequences of the ongoing educational crises in the nation:

Every student wishes that they had been taught how to conduct research, write and read after getting admission into graduate school. There are a lot of freshmen level students in a graduate school who even don’t know how to write a great assignment. Many of them are writing their first essay in the class. Many will also truly and really have no idea how to learn and study in college. If you love teaching try to help these students as this will not only help you enhance your understanding of the particular subject, but also help fresh students adjust in a graduate school easily.

The graduate school will develop weird habits in you:

If you ever met with some graduate school student, you will notice that they are a little bit crazy. They will sleep at weird times. You will wake up and dream about citations, places, dates, names, etc. At times you don’t feel hungry and at times you love to eat all the time.

Author Bio: This great article is written by Andrew Joseph. Andrew is a Master’s in English Literature from Oslo University. He is also an educator, multidisciplinary/historian, researcher and a well-known and passionate freelance writer at   Click2dissertation