Windows-Hosting-In-IndiaMajority of people find themselves in a fix whenever they are tasked with choosing the right hosting platform for their website. Linux and Windows are among the two most popular platforms that are widely used by hosting companies to supplement websites of their clients. Much has been discussed on whether to choose Linux or Windows, but the discussion never appears to cease.

In this section we have explained how windows hosting platforms are better. It explains several reasons why you must go for Windows hosting in India and in what ways it benefits your website. Let’s take a look.

5 Reasons to Go For Windows Hosting In India

1.     .Net Capabilities

If your website is built on a .net framework or visual basic, windows platform is perhaps the best choice for you to host your website. As a matter of fact, Windows is the only hosting platform currently available in the market that supports .net functionality. Therefore, if you have built your website around a .net environment, it is advised to choose Windows hosting.

2.     Front Page Modules

A Linux hosting platform compels you to keep in mind server extensions that is a very tiring job for any individual that is held responsible for operating the server. However, windows hosting provides you a peace of mind while operating front page extensions. The user can use a Microsoft front page to make sure all server extensions are in place.

3.     Convenient and Easy

One of the major advantages that users enjoy while using a Windows hosting platform is convenience and ease. Windows platforms are by far the easiest of the hosting platforms and don’t involve many complications in their operation. The user can get attuned with its navigational details within no time that makes this hosting platform simply ideal for beginners.

4.     Development Options

If you are eying to develop windows applications on your site, Windows hosting platform is ideally suited for this job. Unlike UNIX, that doesn’t supports any windows application development programs, Windows platforms supports windows applications and provides you ample opportunities to develop windows based applications of your choice without many complications.

It is rather clear from the above section that Windows hosting in India is indeed a better choice for people who want ease in the operation of the hosting server and want to develop windows based applications. However, if you still feel skeptical on the idea, input your comments in the section below. We would be glad to clear your doubts.


This write-up explains how windows hosting in India is of great importance to websites that are built around a .net framework. It further highlights several benefits of a Windows hosting server and explains how it is better than a Linux hosting platform.