Start-Saving-Still-in-CollegeSaving money is no science, but it is easier said than done when your budget is already limited. In such situations, the best idea is to increase income. Also, a lavish lifestyle is often responsible for financial difficulties, so there is no reason to spend money like it’s going out of style. Stretching money is something everyone can learn, for it is a matter of commitment and determination.  And dire need, some students would say.

Thrift shop

Many young people are pressed for money during their studies, and the bulk of them can blame themselves for it. Parents can be generous, but avoiding impulse purchases and throwing money around is something everybody can and should do. Why should we want to enter the danger zone?

Expensive cable and phone packages, collage meal plans, exquisite summer trips, hefty-priced brands, there is always room for improvement. A party or two can be skipped and your social life won’t fall apart. Also, campuses always offer numerous cheap activities and social events. Student discounts are not to be overlooked either.

Cutting out vices such as smoking is not only healthy, but also money-saving. Having a car is a convenience, but also a luxury if walking and riding a bike are options. Furthermore, although we all treasure privacy, living with others can cut rent and utility expenditures. Planning meals and cooking with other people is also something that helps here.

Some work to be done

A student’s schedule is often jam-packed with papers, homework and such. Still, the best way to start saving is to earn more money by finding a new source of income. Many different opportunities await at a Student Employment office, or at online directories.

Teacher’s and research assistant are often the highest paid jobs in college, and many students aim to acquire these positions.  There is, however a reason why these jobs are well-paid and professionally rewarding- they demand a lot of work. There are other possibilities to consider that are less time-consuming, like desk-jobs in dormitories and around the campus.

Earning money online can also be a lifesaver. It offers great flexibility and allows students to create their own work schedule. From starting a YouTube channel to selling DIY items online, there is a myriad of ways to make money on the internet. Starting a freelance writing career is a sound option, and copywriting and blogging are also vast fields of opportunities. 

Another great way to earn some cash is to learn to trade penny stocks. You don’t have to be a broker or an expert to do this, and the basics will suffice for the beginning. Penny stocks are cheap, often priced under a dollar per share, so they don’t require a large investment.  Some of the shares belong to startups that could skyrocket in the future, but many aren’t worth a dime.

Yes, crazy money can be made here, but caution is prescribed since these stocks are quite volatile. Doing the homework and researching a bit can help in finding a company that is making money.  It could be the next Apple or Google for all we know.

Life school

There is nothing more fun than student life. However, money shortages can ruin the party, and future prospects. One should thus try to make some extra money while living within their means. Temptations to spend are everywhere, but so are the opportunities to save some green.

 The best thing to do is to find a job that will not interfere with student obligations. Keep in mind that the best time to start saving money is now, for one day this could turn out to be the best decision ever made.